[Music Mondays] Taylor Swift – Out of The Woods

Hi hi hi!

I wanted to share a song that I had fallen in love with months back. I heard it while I was working at GAP one day and through all the noise and through all the chaos, I heard the words and I immediately connected with it. 

The thing I love about this song is the fact that I think that everybody who has ever been in a relationship can relate to one thought: Are we finally okay? Are we really going to make it?

With every relationship, there’s basically only 2 outcomes. You guys either get married or break up. Though most of us don’t like thinking of those outcomes, we instead focus on the moment, but in the back of our minds the question pops up – are we going to be okay?

I feel like this song embodies everybody’s fears when they’re in a committed relationship. Not going to lie, I get extremely paranoid when I see couples who have been together for 5+ years breaking up. When I see that happening, I always think about me and boyfriend. Though it’s not good to think about it – it reminds me to fight for our relationship and fight for our future.

Let me know what you guys think about the song and the music video (it’s beautiful)! What songs are you loving so far?

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