[MY DIARY] Updated – Mystery Diagnosis

Hi Hi Hi!

If you haven’t caught up with what’s happening with me, go ahead and check out my previous post because honestly there’s way too much stuff to put in this. However, this is an update from what I had left off on last night. 

Today was the doctor’s appointment that I was low-key, but not low-key freaking out about. I can’t begin to tell you how anxious I was for it. All day throughout work my heart was racing and I felt like I was going to have a panic attack every hour. Luckily, there were other things that happened during work to distract me.

On the drive to the appointment I was spacing out. I was focused on the road and everything but I couldn’t quite concentrate because I kept running through scenarios of what the doctor would tell me.

When I was waiting to be called in to the room, my hands were sweating and my heart rate started to increase. I tried to distract myself with Instagram and Facebook, but I kept thinking about what could happen to me. Then he finally came into the room and had all of my paperwork and said, “I’m stumped. Everything came back normal. I’m not too sure what could be going on.”

I was so disappointed, but a bit relieved. I was hoping to have some type of an answer today or have some type of an idea of what I am going through, but nothing. So he referred me to a gastroenterologist (FYI – apparently that’s not a legit word).

I am tired of using up all my personal and sick time – what happens when I actually get sick? I am slowly losing hope and it seems like no one believes anything that I am going through. I just need someone to validate exactly what it is I am going through.




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