[FIRST IMPRESSION] Conditioner Before Shampoo?

Hi hi hi!

If you watch a lot of beauty videos like me, you most likely have seen the new Tresemme ad where they came out with this new “innovative” system to get touchable volume. Basically it’s an entire line, but the main thing that has been advertised is the shampoo and conditioner – here’s the twist, you use the conditioner first and then shampoo. Then I thought, why can’t I do it with what I already have?

For about a week and a half I’ve been using my conditioner first, rinsing it out, and then using my shampoo and I have to say I am kind of impressed. My hair usually gets tangled extremely easily when dried and I have to use different products to help it not be as knotted, however, I don’t like to weigh my hair down with too many products.

After the first day I noticed a huge difference! I shower at night and I let my hair dry, so in the mornings I usually wake up to… well, just picture Anna from Frozen the morning of Coronation Day. Without any products it’s extremely difficult to brush through my hair even though it’s fine. However, the morning after I used conditioner first and shampoo second, it was easier to brush through my hair and my hair felt a lot softer. I had an easier time running my hands through my hair and it didn’t get tangled up!

Even after the shower I can tell a difference. My hair feels softer and it’s extremely easy to brush through when wet. I also don’t feel the weird residue that conditioner can sometimes leave on my hair.

So, do you have to buy Tresemme’s system in order to experience touchable volume? I’m not 100% convinced you do! I feel like if you invest in any shampoo and conditioner that specializes in volume, you could probably achieve the same results. My shampoo and conditioner DO NOT specialize in the volumnizing so I didn’t expect that type of results, but it does look a lot healthier and shinier which I love!

Have you tried out the Tresemme system or tried using conditioner first? I know it goes against everything we’ve been taught, but I say give it a try for about a week and see how you like it!

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