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I don’t know about you, but I love Korean BBQ, especially AYCE (all you can eat)! Gen Korean BBQ is a new restaurant near Sunset Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. I was extremely excited to try it because the Korean BBQ place I usually go to is okay – you get a decent amount for the price, but the meats don’t have a lot of flavor in it and it was on a local segment called “Dirty Dining” (yum… NOT). Ever since that, I haven’t gone back. So I wanted to find a new Korean BBQ place.
 photo 3027C04F-4463-4B6C-BE9A-1FC08F442653.jpg

First off, Korean BBQ is a place where you cook your own food. You order from a set menu and there’s a cooking plate in front of you and you’re in charge of making your own food. I love this idea/concept because you get to hangout with whoever you bring and enjoy eating with them and the experience overall experience/atmosphere.

I definitely like the outer appearance of the restaurant. It looks modern, clean, and a good place to hangout with friends. The main “lobby” area is relatively small and there isn’t a lot of room to wait around for your table to be ready,which isn’t too bad because you can walk around the mall while you wait (if there’s enough time).

Usually waiting is a pain, but at Gen, you put your name in and provide your phone number and you can download an app to see about how many people are in front of you OR you can wait for them to text you!

Now on to the cooking/food.

When you get seated you have your cooking pan in front of you with the traditional sides. The one thing I didn’t like was how little area there is when you sit in the bar stool area. There’s not a lot of room for your sides/orders/drinks because your neighbors are right next to you with the same things.  photo 941CA093-B23D-42F0-85F2-69B346E0AAF8.jpg

 photo 32FA9B0B-E67F-467A-8092-1153156222F7.jpg

The meats are absolutely amazing! Here’s what I ordered:

  • Pork belly (yum!)
  • Miso pork belly (definitely yum!)
  • Cajun calamari (not so yum, it got overcooked way too fast)
  • Gen chadol (thinly slide premium beef brisket)  photo 0CCDAD1A-FF78-4514-B9A7-CB3F6818918A.jpg
  • Beef bulgogi (one of my faves)  photo D3CF5B19-59A2-4EE2-A537-D1D6690A0E5A.jpg
  • Gen roast beef (premium beef flat iron steak)
  • Gen signature steak
  • Garlic chicken
  • Gen woo baesal (premium beef short plate)
  • Jap chae
  • Gyoza

I definitely enjoyed all the food! The meats were so clean tasting and the pork belly was amazing! You can easily get your money’s worth from this place. I also like the fact that they make majority of the things easy to cook – small pieces or larger pieces so they don’t fall through. However, I wish they would’ve cut the chicken into smaller pieces because it took forever to cook and by the time it was ready, it lost all of it’s flavor.

For dinner it’s $19.99 for AYCE and for lunch I believe it’s $14.99. I say if you can go for dinner, go! You get more options and you don’t have to worry about eating quickly so you can get back to work. Keep in mind, you are cooking raw meat, so it can be a longer process than going out to eat at a regular restaurant.

If you do go, here are some tips:

  • Some of the waiters aren’t going to offer rice, so if they don’t offer it, request for a bowl of rice. It’s free.
  • Order about 4-5 options first. Some of the wait staff is a tad bit slow, so if you order 2-3 things, you’ll be waiting for them to come back to place another order. It’s best to start out with a lot and then order 1-2 things if you’re still hungry.
  • You can request grill changes. Definitely do this if you’re cooking things like the pork belly and you’ll also have an easier time cooking everything without worrying about it sticking to the grill.
  • Order appetizers. The appetizers are a great way to cut through all that meat and add a little bit of carbs.
  • Don’t order chicken. I made the mistake of ordering it and it took forever to cook. If you want something with chicken, just order it off the appetizer menu.

If you’re in the Henderson area of Las Vegas, I hope you take some time to check this place out! Also, I definitely enjoyed their macaron ice cream. I can’t tell you if it’s the best one I’ve tried because it was my first time trying it. If you do order it, keep in mind it doesn’t come with the AYCE, it’s a separate cost.  photo ED588178-66E0-44D9-9574-03A12C7F2E48.jpg

Have you tried eating at Gen Korean BBQ? Let me know your thoughts or, if you’re in the Las Vegas area, what’s your favorite AYCE Korean BBQ place?

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