[Tasty Tuesday]Bad Owl Coffee – Las Vegas, NV

Hi hi hi!

Okay, I must admit that I am stoked about this place! My co-worker told me about it and I just had to check it out. I love coffee and I love checking out new places and once I heard that this place was Harry Potter themed, I definitely had to check this place out. The boyfriend had looked it up and he said that they had a Butter Brew Latte – once I heard that I knew we just had to go… photo BCED158D-3A3E-49E8-A3F0-908CD7E673B0.png

For those of you who are interested in visiting this little coffee shop I must warn you, it’s extremely far from the strip. It’s in a part of Vegas that I think most people forget about. It’s all the way in Henderson (cross streets: Easter and Coronado Center Dr.) and it’s very easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.

When you walk in, the atmosphere is cozy and inviting and you can automatically tell that there is a Harry Potter vibe to it. It’s not explicitly Harry Potter themed, which I am assuming is because of copyright issues, but it is a nice little nod to Harry Potter. My favorite part is that there’s a random TARDIS near the entrance.

 photo ED7CA049-E783-4A2B-BF53-2F1501B76A05.png

 photo 0C91A27F-F77F-4510-A8C2-940663AE8A5C.png
Anyhow let’s talk about the variety of drinks they offer – it’s amazing! They are very unique sounding flavors and they have a wide variety of drinks, the prices are also very reasonable. I decided to try the biscoff latte and my boyfriend tried the butter brew latte.

 photo A92109B6-2F1F-4498-9C79-D780FF8EC9AD.png

We definitely enjoyed it! First off the drinks were the perfect temperature to immediately drink which is amazing – I usually have to wait like 30 minutes before I get to drink my coffee from Starbucks. Let’s start off with the butter brew latte. It was very mellow and not too sweet in fact it reminded me a lot of Starbucks’ Tiramisu Latte which is one of my favorite seasonal drinks they came out with. It was light, but still had this richness to it.
 photo 5B211B60-B2E2-4819-AD0E-590321C44372.png
The biscoff latte was delicious as well. It was definitely on the sweeter side and a lot richer than your typical latte. It was sweet and it definitely had a complex flavor to it – it wasn’t like it was just one distinct flavor. In my mind I was expecting something that had a gingerbread/cinnamon flavor because I thought it was supposed to be influenced by cookie butter, but I didn’t really taste it. The biscoff latte was extremely tasty, but towards the end it was just a little too sweet for me.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience. The staff was great and it had a warm vibe to the overall experience. It’s a small coffee shop where you and your friends can hang out, and it’s not too main stream where you feel like everyone is hanging out. I love how Bad Owl has it’s own individualistic style to it and even the drinks have their own crafted taste. I would happily pick this place over Starbucks any day, and that’s coming from a Starbucks addict!
 photo A058AB9A-2345-4D9B-A40D-1A77F7111288.png
If you’re in Vegas and decide you really want to get away from the strip for a little bit – take a drive to Bad Owl coffee and enjoy your experience! I am definitely going to go back, I want to try everything!




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