[FIRST IMPRESSION] The Estee Edit |Skin Glowing Balm

Hi hi hi!

Wow, I am finally coming back to my roots and talking about my third love – makeup! The reason why I haven’t been doing any makeup post is because I just really haven’t been extremely excited about anything that has come out lately – however, I have found a handful of duds. I did want to talk about this particular product because I was extremely excited when I first started seeing

some of the sponsored pots on Instagram because it was Estee Lauder trying to appeal to a younger crowd. If you haven’t seen any of the advertisements they’re featuring Kendall Jenner, who was signed by Estee beforehand. Anyhow let’s get into my thoughts on this product.

What it claims:

A sheer makeup balm-and-foundation-in-one with an innovative texture that provides a dewy finish and allows your skin to shine through. – Sephora.com


My thoughts:

I definitely think that if you want to use this, you would need amazing skin. My mantra is always take care of your skin because it’s the canvas for your makeup. I try to take really good care of my skin and I have to say that it’s come a long way. I may love the state of my skin, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. I have a bunch of freckles, uneven skintone, and not to mention extremely rosy cheeks. You may be thinking, “if you have all those problems why did you buy this since it’s a balm-foundation?” I bought it because I actually prefer wearing a formula like this during the weekends. I wear a lot of heavy foundation throughout the work week, I want my skin to have a break and believe it or not, I use a lot of BB creams and tinted moisturizers on the weekends.

I thought that along with the price tag, I was going to get a formula that was a little more concentrated in color, but light weight and easily blends…. How do I put this lightly – it just isn’t made for 98% of people out there.   

In my honest opinion you would need a nearly perfect complexion, with normal/slightly dry skin  type, and smooth skin. I have none of those qualities, in fact I am so far from having even one of those qualities! I have combination skin and like I mentioned, I have freckles and discoloration. 

The balm made my skin feel tacky all day and it had a scent to it that I was definitely not crazy about. Throughout the day I felt like my skin looked greaser than normal, but it didn’t feel extremely greasy. 

During the application process I noticed some tugging when I would try to blend it out with my brush and I also noticed that it would stick to any of my dry patches.   

With one layer I felt like my freckles, discoloration, etc. were all emphasized. I felt so self-conscious wearing this because it made everything seem worse. I love my bare face and I’ve grown to like my freckles, but this just made everything seem worse. 

I honestly couldn’t with this foundation, so instead of trying to work with it I just returned it. I tried using different primers, setting it with different types of powders, applying different amounts,etc. I tried everything I could think of, but I just had to return it. 

Have you tried anything from this line? What are your thoughts? I like how Estee came out with a line for the younger crowd, but now I’m very hesitant to try anything else.

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