[TASTY TUESDAY] O My Sushi! | Las Vegas, NV

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I don’t know about you, but I love sushi, I love it so much that I crave it and since moving to Vegas, I’ve been a huge fan of All You Can Eat (AYCE) sushi. My boyfriend and I recently found a little hole in the wall place that served some amazing sushi rolls. We’ve tried a decent… photo 313AFAD8-0798-4A1E-B1BB-932C34884C5C.png

amount of places that serve AYCE sushi and there haven’t been too many that we thought were worth going to again, but boy this place completely changed our lives.

Let me start off with the atmosphere. It’s a cozy little area, very intimate and the tables are close together, but you still feel like you would have your privacy if the place was full. It wasn’t as busy as the usual sushi places we go to and there were a decent amount of seats at the bar. The staff were extremely welcoming and they paid attention to your needs.

The menu to me is what makes or breaks an AYCE sushi experience (besides the actual sushi). If you haven’t been to an AYCE sushi restaurant there are basically 3 rules that are the same everywhere:

  1. No sharing allowed unless it’s between people who are participating in AYCE.
  2. Everything must be eaten, including the rice, if not you get charged extra.
  3. There’s a time limit (usually like an hour – depends where you go)

There are two rules that you must remember, which are the first and second rule and they go hand in hand. You can only share with those who are participating in AYCE, if you can’t finish it, you get charged extra. For me and my boyfriend our goal is usually to get our money’s worth by adding up the cost of what we order and compare it to what we paid. However, at O My Sushi, you easily get your $25 (dinner price) worth because you have the option to get half rolls. When you do AYCE sushi half roles are your savior because instead of 8 pieces, you get 4 which is a lot easier to handle. It’s also great if you want to try new rolls, but you’re not sure if you would like them. O My Sushi has a lot of rolls where half rolls are an option. The one thing I have to say that I didn’t care for was the fact that there were a lot of tempura based rolls. I love tempura rolls, but they’re super heavy and after a while you get full easily.
 photo A6A5B8D9-F90A-4352-B7B3-76914E99250D.png

The Sushi Though…
It’s rare for me to crave a specific place’s sushi. I think it’s only happened like twice in my life and trust me I’ve had my fair share of sushi, but at Oh My Sushi I ended craving one particular role. Do I remember the name? Of course not, but I’ll insert the picture here:

 photo 39DED8F5-6D57-4280-B59F-FFB0FA4EB69E.png
The second best thing I ordered!

I have to be honest and say that I definitely enjoyed everything that I ordered, except the Salmon Skin. Usually I order it to cut through the monotonous texture of sushi, but there was something in this particular one that I didn’t care for. Every roll that I ordered was so well made, it wasn’t too loose where everything just falls apart and it wasn’t too tight where the rolls became so small it feels like I ate nothing. These rolls were excellently crafted and it was seriously an equal balance between everything.

One of my absolute favorite things to get at any sushi place is saba (mackerel) it’s an extremely fishy tasting fish and it’s always in the section with the raw things like tuna and yellow tail. At most places that I’ve ordered it, it comes on top of rice with soy sauce (shoyu) on the bottom. Now I’ve had it at a fair share of places and they end up drowning the rice in soy sauce, so much so, I can’t even pick up any rice because it’s drenched. When it’s like that I can’t taste the saba at all and it’s extremely salty. I’ve also been to places where they add in wasabi – I don’t like wasabi. I feel like the wasabi completely over takes the saba and I can’t taste anything. At Oh My Sushi I felt like they perfected it. There was just a dab of shoyu on the plate and the rice soaked up some of it, but it wasn’t drenched. I could taste little hints of soy sauce, vinegar from the rice, and the saba. It was a perfect harmonious bite – I was so happy with it! I seriously wanted to order more, but I decided to try more things.

 photo 9AA02C01-82F3-4DB4-8F75-1D5A7B749835.png

Their sushi was amazingly crafted and the flavor combinations worked. None of the rolls I had felt too heavy or weighted down. Even the philly roll my boyfriend had had some kind of lightness to it. I really don’t know what it was.

If you are in Las Vegas near Suncoast Hotel and Casino, I definitely urge you to try Oh My Sushi. It’s a great little sushi restaurant that you feel welcomed in and comfortable. The waitresses aren’t hurrying you to order and you honestly don’t feel self conscious at all about pigging out. One of the waitresses we had enjoyed genuinely enjoyed it every time we said the food was delicious. My boyfriend and I don’t say it a lot when it comes to restaurants, but we would definitely go there again. There were so many rolls I wanted to try, but so little room in my stomach.
 photo EA448242-09C7-4F20-978E-2E074B358450.png
Do you like doing AYCE sushi? What are the best sushi joints in your neighborhood? I’d love to be able to travel and check them out!
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 photo 37363ADE-FAD2-499B-B1BB-983A68FD7A92.png
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