[REVIEW] Michael Kors – Selma Medium Studded Saffiano Leather Satchel

Hi guys!

Hope this week has been treating you well, if not, go buy yourself an amazing Michael Kors purse – that’s on sale! Well, one color is on sale and it’s the perfect color for Spring/Summer. If you’re not sure if you are interested in the purse, keep reading to see if this purse is for you…

Just as an FYI the purse I am showing was bought through TJ Maxx – I did buy the same one from an actual Michael Kors store (I’ll insert the picture below) and compared the 2 bags. They’re actually similar – only difference is that this particular color is not sold in store or online. photo 42E8E35F-6088-405E-B3FE-FEC6E8477ED3.jpg


The Outside:

The material is a great leather that doesn’t look cheap nor feel cheap. It’s extremely sturdy and it has a criss-cross design on it. I love it because the leather is super easy to maintain and clean.
 photo Michael Kors 1.jpg
 photo Michael Kors 8.jpg
 photo Micahel Kors 9.jpg


On the inside you have a material lining, a zipper pocket towards that back of the purse, and two pockets on the opposite side – not to mention a key strap. The inside is extremely roomy, I can fit a small planner, my iPad mini, wallet, toiletry bag, phone, keys, etc. I can seriously fit a ton of things in this purse and still be able to zip it without having to squish anything down.  photo Micahel Kors 3.jpg
 photo Micahel Kors 4.jpg

The only thing that kind of bothers me is the fact that the two pockets are difficult to access because they’re right under the lip of the bag (top zipper). The pockets are deep, but because the lip of the bag covers the opening it’s difficult to get anything into them and god forbid you place a small lip balm or small item in there it’ll be difficult to get out especially if you have bigger hands like me.


This is a great bag for what you would pay for. If you’re looking to “step up” your purse game and are interested in beginning to invest into your purses and begin buying high-end purses this is a great place to start. The Selma shape is classic and the finish the leather has. This style comes in different colors, but there are only two colors that are currently on sales (dark dune and pale pink).  photo Micahel Kors 6.jpg
 photo Micahel Kors 7.jpg
 photo Micahel Kors 10.jpg

If you are looking for a purse that is a little more mature, but still has a little edge and fun to it this is a great option. The studs keep it a little younger looking, but that doesn’t mean you have to be young to use it! Also, it’s great to wear day and night! Pale pink and pink grapefruit (the color I bought my mom) are perfect for the season and will always be in style!

If you are interested in purchasing this bag check here or check out your local Michael Kors! They have great timeless pieces available now!

Let me know if you have this bag let me know what you think about it and if you are planning on getting it let me know! For more information, you can also check it out on my youtube channel: youtube.com/msluvly1234.




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