[TASTY TUESDAY] Easy Ham & Cheese Croissant Pockets

Hi hi hi!

Instead of doing a review of a restaurant for this Tasty Tuesday, I decided to share an easy and delicious recipe! I got the inspiration for this particular recipe from Starbucks. They have this yummy ham & cheese foldover and I wanted to recreate it at home, but make it a little more hardier. Starbucks version is made with a puff pastry, instead of doing that I used canned croissants! 

What You’ll Need:

 photo 1.jpg

  • 2 cans of croissants – crescent rolls (8 croissants each)
  • 1 pack of deli sliced ham
  • shredded cheese (any type of cheese you want)
  • 1 egg – crack in a bowl **DO NOT MIX**
  • Some flour


    • Open up one of the croissant tube, separate one croissant and roll the dough into a ball.
    • On a clean surface dust a little flour, also dust some flour on the croissant dough.
    • Start rolling – you’ll want to roll it into a rectangle like shape, or even a circle, doesn’t really matter.

 photo 2.jpg

    • Grab a fork and start dotting the dough – while it’s cooking, the steam will escape through the holes instead of becoming puffier.
    • Take one slice of the deli ham and dab off any excess liquid. Shred the ham into small pieces and place in the center of your dough.

 photo 3.jpg

    • Next, you’ll want to place a tiny amount of cheese on top of the ham. If you’re a cheese lover like me, it’ll be very difficult not to pile on the cheese, but trust me it’ll be worth it. You want enough to create a thin layer.

 photo 4.jpg

    • Take the right side of the dough and fold it over the filling – don’t worry if you can’t cover up all the filling, the point is to have some of the filling popping through so that people know what they’re eating.
    • Flip the left side over and use the white of the egg to create a seal.

 photo 5.jpg

    • Place on an non-greased cooking sheet.
    • Continue the process till all 8 is finished.

 photo 6.jpg

  • Bake at 375 degrees F for 12-15 minutes, depending on your oven. You’ll just want to make sure that it’s golden brown on the outside.

 photo 7.jpg
Let me know if you try this recipe! It’s great for entertaining or to bring over to a friends house. I never like to go over to a friends house empty-handed and these are easy to make and transport. My family ate all of them in one night! This is also a great recipe if you’re living in the dorms – all you really need is a toaster oven and you can use the leftover ingredients to make sandwiches. Super easy!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and don’t forget to follow me on all my social media accounts @ciaociao808 and on YouTube: youtube.com/msluvly1234.



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