[BEAUTY] March/April Favorites

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It’s been a very long time since I had shared any of my favorites. I was getting bored with my makeup so I brought in some things to try out. Most of these things I had either bought or received as a gift and they were just sitting in the corner of my makeup area not being used. Let’s jump into my favorites!

April 2016 Favorites


Kiehl s face moisturizer
$63 – harrods.com
Okay so the first product is this moisturizer from Kiehl’s Since 1851. I don’t have the full size product, I got a sample from my local Kiehl’s store, but I absolutely love it. My skin started to break out from another night time moisturizer and I turned to this product as a last resort and it cleared up my skin while adding in so much moisture! Seriously, this product is amazing and I would definitely consider purchasing the full size.

Chanel nail polish

Now I know this is a very pricy nail polish, but I got it as a gift, so don’t judge me! Though it’s pricy it’s amazing – I honestly wish it wasn’t as amazing as it is because now I want them all! This is the new formula from Chanel called Le Vernis and it has a gel-like finish to it. It’s amazing. When I first used it, I honestly considered whether I actually needed a top coat on it. I did put a top coat on it and it ended up lasting forever. I actually had to take it off because I got tired of the color and I had to trim my nails – impressive right?!

Mac cosmetic
$16 – selfridges.com

I was honestly not impressed with the overall collection from MAC x Charlotte Olympia, but I have to say, this definitely impressed me. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about MAC’s nail polish and I was honestly very hesitant to buy this. Let me just say I am very impressed with this formula. In the bottle it looks like your classic dark red nail polish, however in certain lights it looks like your classic red. The wear time was also very impressive. It lasted about 12 days, again, I had to take it off because I needed to trim my nails, but overall very impressed by the formula and color.

Clinique concealer
I had featured this on one of my Wishlist Wednesday posts and I actually decided to bite the bullet and pick it up. I was in desperate need for a foundation since I had used up 3 of my everyday foundations. I was definitely hesitant about the shade selection because when I swatched the shades in store, they all looked like they pulled either too orange, too pink, or too yellow. However I found the perfect one and I absolutely love it! It’s a great full coverage lightweight foundation with a matte finish. I am so impressed with the amount of coverage it provides without looking extremely heavy or cakey. I am in absolute love with this particular foundation and it’s extremely affordable compared to most department store foundations. Trust me it’s a great foundation worth the price.


The particular eyeshadow that I want to talk about is Ibiza. It’s no longer available, but it’s a great wearable teal, but still is bright. Not sure if that made sense haha, if I have another picture of it I’ll go ahead and insert it. I love wearing bright colors on the weekend because I can’t wear them at work, and this is honestly my newest obsession!

Stila eyeliner
$21 – harveynichols.com

When I first started using this eyeliner, it was out of desperation. I had ran out of one of my favorite eyeliners from Jordana and had to resort to using this. At first I didn’t care for it because I felt the tip was way too fine and I couldn’t create an even line. However, I grew to love it. I’ve been using everyday and the staying power is what really impresses me. Because I have scars on my lash line it’s extremely difficult for me to find an eyeliner that will actually stay put and not break down due to the oil from my lids – this definitely holds up to everything I can throw at it. You want to know how much I love it? I’m actually thinking about picking up 3 more colors from this line! I never thought I’d spend more than $5 on an eyeliner, but I’m just so impressed with this formula I definitely think it’s worth the investment!

Kat Von D lipstick

I only have the baby size of Lolita, but I love it!! I love it so much I just want to keep it on my lips all day everyday, and to be honest, it does stay on my lips all day! Seriously guys, this liquid lipstick is amazing and the staying power is amazing. For most people, this will probably show up as a dusty rose color, but on my lips it shows up as a darker brown color, which I still love! Though this formula can be kind of drying, I don’t find it as drying as other formulas I have tried and it doesn’t wreck my lips as bad as other formulas. I really want to pick up more colors, I’ve been eying 3 colors in particular: Bow & Arrow, Vampira, and Jeffree. Not sure if I’ll be picking any of those up soon, but I know when I’m finished with my baby Lolita I am definitely getting a full sized tube.
Jack Black Lip Balm:
One that isn’t pictures here is the Jack Black Lip Balm. This stuff is amazing and I believe I had included it in one of my older favorites post. Seriously, if you have problem lips and nothing seems to provide moisture to them try this! It’s a little pricy for lip balm, but it works wonders and this is great if you wear a lot of liquid lipsticks. I use this every night and my lips are so soft in the morning and I also keep another one in my purse to put on top any lip stains if I feel like they’re drying up my lips.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favorite products have been lately! I’m in a makeup funk and nothing is really catching my eye, but I really would like to try new products.
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