[BEAUTY NEWS] Week of 5/15/2016

Hello! I wanted to start a new series called Beauty News where I bring you exciting news and launches from the beauty world.

Let’s get started!

MAC Cosmetics: 

 photo 8A164662-AA45-468F-ACD0-EB8B585C452B.png.jpeg
MAC recently came out with a full collection for this Summer. When I say full collection I mean full collection. They have lipsticks, eyeshadow quads, brushes, travel cases, etc. I picked up three things from the collection:

  • Lipstick | Hot Chocolate – $18
  • Bronzing Powder | Firebrush (Online Exclusive) – $27
  • Patentpolish Lip Pencil | Rio Grande Romance (Online Exclusive) – $21

Jeffree Star: 

Jeffree Star has a couple new exciting launches coming up including 4 new highlighters/skin frosts.

 photo 0B0EBA14-6AE0-48AA-B1F4-E3431E4B4D75.png.jpeg
 photo 48F7FB1B-8454-4410-B4A0-B22E7277BD5C.png.jpeg

On May 25th Jeffree Star will be launching 4 skin frosts and an eyeshadow palette called Beauty Killer. From the pictures I’ve seen everything looks amazing!

 photo 197328C0-6A6E-4C84-A4CC-20B2A4DE039A.png.jpeg
Also, in July, Jeffree Star will be launching limited edition velour liquid lipsticks in limited edition packaging. I really want to get my hands on these! The packaging and everything is so cute!!


 photo 2E2ECFAE-E18F-4DA2-A92C-22466174813B.png.jpeg
Benefit is launching an entire line of brow products in June. Think about all the brow products you could ever imagine now imagine it in super cute packaging and voila you have Benefit’s new line! I want to get my hands on one of these, not all because I don’t really use that many brow things. The entire line launches on June 24th.

Urban Decay:
 photo 26104DCC-43E6-455E-A9E8-31F16B8B2CEE.png.jpeg
Urban Decay recently launched their Alice Through The Looking Glass mini collection which consisted of an eyeshadow palette and a couple of lipsticks. I honestly wasn’t too impressed with either of these. If you’re a collector of makeup in limited edition packaging this is definitely something you’d want to pick up, but to me the pigmentation was lacking in all the products.

The new exciting launch coming up is the release of their 100 lipsticks in 6 different finishes. I’m super excited to see the new lipstick formulation and the entire shade range.


 photo 12EFCC8C-6C29-4BD7-9AD4-9B3544855B2F.png.jpeg
I am the most excited about this! Jaclyn Hill partnered with Becca to create the most amazing highlighter ever called Champagne Pop. Guess who partnered up with Becca again?! That’s right, Jaclyn Hill! They created an entire face palette called Champagne Glow and it comes with three new blush colors and one new highlighter! It also comes with champagne pop. They recently released a limited amount on Sephora’s website, but has since sold out.

The face palette launches on May 26th online on Sephora’s website and June 16th in stores.

That’s all the beauty news I have today, let me know what your excited for in the comments below!

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