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We all know and love BECCA x Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop and now Jaclyn Hill partnered with BECCA again to create an entire #ChampagneCollection including a new eyeshadow palette and this beautiful face palette!

 photo IMG_1815.jpg
Last week they sold a limited amount on Sephora’s website and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it! I must say it is definitely beautiful and one of the stunning palettes in my collection, but is it worth the $52?

Before I give my final thoughts on this palette, here’s an overview:

  • 3 blushes (1 shimmery, 2 matte)
  • 2 skin perfectors (highlighters)

Now before you roll your eyes and say, “that’s it?” Let me stop you right there! The colors that are included in this palette are new colors, except for the OG champagne pop skin perfector.

 photo IMG_1821.jpg
The 3 blushes are:

  • Rosé Spritz (new)- peachy/rose tone with golden shimmers
  • Amaretto (new)- matte terracotta color, but not too orange/red-toned
  • Pamplemousse (new)- matte mid-tone pink, not too electric

The 2 skin perfectors:

  • Champagne Pop (OG) – White beige with golden shimmers
  • Prosecco Pop (new) – golden beige with golden shimmers

All of these colors are pretty pigmented, however if you have medium-dark skintones you may have a difficult time finding a use for Amaretto. Personally, it barely shows up on me so I just use it to slightly warm up my complexion.

 photo IMG_1818.jpg
So, is it worth the $52? In my honest opinion, yes. The sizes of just one of the skin perfectors in this palette is almost as big as a regular skin perfector from BECCA ($38) and you get TWO of them in this palette.

If you’re still hesitant about purchasing this palette, guess what, it’s not just a face palette, it’s a great eyeshadow palette as well. I’ve been using the blushes as eyeshadows and have been receiving a lot of compliments. Rosé Spritz is an amazing lid color and Amaretto is the perfect crease color while Pamplemousse is a great way to add a little dimension to the overall look by lightly blending it around Amaretto.

I definitely think this is a great palette to pick up and in my opinion if you pick up this palette there’s no need to pick up the eyeshadow palette that is also in this Champagne Glow collection.


The full Champagne Collection launches exclusively on on May 26th and in stores June 16th.





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