MAC | Vibe Tribe – Patentpolish Lip Pencil – Rio Grand Romance

Hi hi hi!

MAC came out with a full collection for this Summer and let me tell you it’s everything! I love how complete the collection is and I love the fact that it’s all perfect colors for Summer. Today’s review is on just one of the products I picked up from the collection. 


Rio Grande Romance – Bright fuchsia with some hints of coral and a glossy finish.


  • Opaque/pigmented – I thought this was going to be like a lip gloss stick and with the ones I’ve tried they weren’t pigmented but added a nice shine. However, I was extremely surprised with how opaque this applied. There was full coverage with one swipe which I liked.
  • Longlasting – If you aren’t eating or drinking anything this is so long lasting (isn’t everything?) However, what really impressed me was the fact that when I did eat, the color didn’t go everywhere. It came off easily, but wasn’t smeared around my lips/face.
  • Formula – I actually really enjoyed the formula on this. It feels so moisturizing and it has just a slight tackiness to it (which may not be something everyone likes). Personally I like the tackiness because it helps the color last longer.

 photo IMG_1842_Fotor.jpg


  • Shape/Size – The shape of the actual product makes it difficult to apply neatly. I wish that it actually had a pencil shape so it would be easier to reach the corners of the lips.
  • Packaging – I wish that there wasn’t so much of the product sticking out of the tube because it makes putting the cap on super difficult. You have to be extremely careful when you put the cap back on or else you end up digging the cap into the product.

 photo IMG_1844_Fotor.jpg


I am very impressed with the patentpolish formula and I love this color for Summer because it’s bright and easy to maintain. Though I wish that it had a different shape to it, I definitely enjoy the formula and color.

Have you picked up any  items from the Vibe Tribe collection? Let me know what you picked up and what you think of them!

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