[REDEMPTION FRIDAYS] Maybelline | The Rock Nudes

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I hope you guys are enjoying my series I started here! I have also decided to integrate it into my YouTube Channel as well! Don’t forget to subscribe to it too so you can stay up to date: youtube.com/msluvly1234!

Today we’re going to give this palette another try. To be honest, I haven’t been impressed with all The Nudes palettes Maybelline came out with. I felt like they weren’t pigmented as some of their quads and they seem to only work with paler skin tones. By no means am I super tan/dark, but I couldn’t even get these colors to show up true to what they look like in the pan.
 photo 25D44768-12B0-480A-9C40-C23B5249922B.jpeg

Original Grade: D

I gave this product a D because it was such a disappointment. The pigmentation was not impressive at all – I literally have palettes in my collection that were cheaper and have better pigmentation than this *cough, wet n wild, cough*. Also, when I used the darker colors there really was no distinction between them. You couldn’t tell if I had used the matte dark blue or the matte plum. I also noticed that when I would try to create looks they just ended up looking extremely muddy. Overall, I couldn’t really see myself using this palette a lot. Though I loved some of the colors in it, it was just too time consuming to work with them.

What I did differently:

  • Used colored bases
  • Actually took time to work with it

I honestly had forgotten all about this palette and how it performed, so when I used it during the week, it was kind of like using it again for the first time.   photo D1C2A320-1CF8-4412-B11D-EEE5FE07F768.jpeg

Overall Performance:

I have to say it still sucks. I tried to work with it and give it a fair shot, but I couldn’t. The darker matte colors in the palette are so similar to each other that even with a colored base, they ended up looking very similar. The lighter/more unique colors in the palette aren’t pigmented and/or leave a bunch of fallout. I literally went around work with glitter all over my face because the glitter just kept coming off with every blink.

The only redemptive quality I found was that these shadows were easier to blend out than I vaguely remembered. I did have to work with the dark matte colors a lot, but eventually they blended out. The lighter colors had no problem blending – which I appreciated.   photo D8DE2B07-FF18-4C32-B221-ADC6D438B45D.jpeg

Final Grade: D+

I so badly want to be in love with these palettes, because they are so affordable and you get a good amount of product, but I definitely can’t fall in love with this particular one. I just feel like the matte dark colors are way too similar to each other and the lighter colors, though unique, lack pigmentation.

If you have this palette and are absolutely head over heels in love with it, let me know why and how you make it work in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr: @ciaociao808 to see what product I’m working on for my next Redemption Friday. You can also follow me on YouTube: youtube.com/msluvly1234 for more.




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