Maybelline – Master Contour -Medium

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I’m just going to keep rolling with these Maybelline reviews. Why? Because they are like the only ones to have come out with products that I actually want to try! So today’s review is on their Master Contour stick. What is it? It’s a double sided stick that has a contouring color on one side and a brightening color on the other. So is it worth the $10?

Let’s be real, contouring has been the “it” thing for the past couple of years and tons of makeup companies have come out with contouring/highlighting palettes, but I always wanted a drug store option. To be 110% real with you guys, I’m not a huge contouring fan. I have learned to embrace my round face and chubby cheeks, but I do like a little definition.


Seriously you can’t beat how compact and easy this is. You just twist the bottom to bring up more product. My only concern is what happens when you begin to really wear in the product? The shape is almost like a pencil, but when you’re only using two sides of it, it could end up becoming a weird shape and not be as effective.

 photo EEE8AFE5-A158-42CD-8699-9C4C19EAB3D1.jpeg


This has amazing pigmentation – I was seriously shocked to see how pigmented both sides were with one swipe. My mind was blown. The contour side, for me, doesn’t pull too orange or too brown. In other words I’m not going around looking like I accidentally rubbed my cheek in crushed Cheetos nor do I look like I grabbed mud and dirt to contour with. On the opposite side, you have the highlighting stick. I love the fact that it’s not extremely harsh. It has just the right amount of a cream color to it that it looks natural and brightens up my face without looking so harsh or drastic. This has so much pigmentation in it you really don’t have to press hard to get either side to show up.


I hinted to this up above, but this thing performs like a dream. I really like products that I don’t have to fuss with and this is something that is so easy to do in the mornings. I just draw out the lines and blend them out and when it comes to blending, I can’t even. Blending is effortless with this. I just take my damp beauty blender (fake beauty blender) and tap out the harsh edges and I’m done. I seriously spend more time on my eye makeup than I do contouring and highlighting.


I definitely noticed this lasting throughout the day. However, I want you to keep in mind that I do set it. I have combination oily skin and I tend to touch my face a lot, especially my cheek area (ex: when I rest my head on my hands) so I like to set it with another bronzer. I do notice that my powder bronzer/contour lasts a lot longer when it’s on top of this than when it’s by itself.

When it comes to the highlight portion, I usually place this right on the outside edges of my undereye concealer and a little on my cheek bones, in the middle of my forehead, and a little on my chin. Like the bronzer this lasts all day and I do set it with another powder, but I like that fact that it doesn’t look extremely cakey or heavy.

 photo 259EEF59-5DB0-405E-9558-6C9E5244B990.jpeg

Ease of Use:

This is great for those who want to get into contouring (like me) but don’t want to invest in full on palettes. There’s a great variety of colors/shades and it’s extremely easy to use.

Overall Grade: A+

To me this is a dream product because it just makes sense and performs great. I have tried some other cream contour palettes out there and I just don’t like the idea of having to fuss with so many different colors and so many different shade ranges. I like how simple this is and it’s great for beginners and I think it’s even great for those who have been using makeup for years! Contouring life just became so much easier because you have everything you need at a decent price. I am extremely impressed by this, mainly because I have had bad experiences with other drugstore cream contour kits.

I hope you guys enjoyed the review! Let me know what you think about the Maybelline Master Contour stick in the comments down below. You can also follow my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr (@ciaociao808) for updates on other products I am testing out and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more (




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