[TRAVEL DIARIES] Top Golf – Las Vegas

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Something new opened in Vegas, and it has to be one of the family-friendliest attractions yet. Top Golf had recently opened in Las Vegas and me, my boyfriend and a couple of our friends decided to check it out! 
 photo B3D31BAA-7A43-478B-A709-4B489FB86A42.png


Top Golf is almost like the cosmic bowling of golf. There’s rental clubs, entertainment, scoring systems, and games. You can order food, drinks, and alcoholic drinks. There’s also a level that has a pool, yes a pool and there’s also a VIP level where you can have your own private experience. When it comes to the games you can pick, the objectives are all different. For example, you have Top Golf, where you try to get the highest score. Top Pressure is when you try to hit all 9 areas of the yellow target. The games are really fun, I would say Top Golf is probably the game that most people would want to play, especially if everyone in your group isn’t great with golf.
 photo 8DD079EF-3814-4946-8B67-A55E0286E40B.jpeg


The whole feel of Top Golf is fun and relaxing. I think it’s a great place to hang out with your friends and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s also family friendly because there’s nothing to riskay and if you go during the day, you don’t deal with a lot of wasted/drunk people.
 photo 99AEC082-CD0F-4C3C-8081-574A964B664A.jpeg


Let me just say it’s a lot better when you go with a group of people. The level you want to be on will affect the prices you pay. You and your group get charged by the hour, so it can be a little difficult to gage just how long will be appropriate for your group. For a full list of pricing you can click here.


If you consider yourself a golfer, I say you shouldn’t come into this taking it super seriously, unless your competitive and want to have a great time with your friends. Since the golf balls themselves aren’t really golf balls (they don’t have a true core and are a lot lighter) it’s difficult to really work on anything. Also, I say keep your expensive golf clubs at home. To me it’s not really worth dragging your own clubs in and trying to use them – you just wouldn’t get the same result.
 photo 73D44E20-D751-4A25-BF9B-7F3D957EC275.jpeg


I love the concept and I definitely would want to go again with a group of friends, I just feel like it’s missing something; what that thing is, I really don’t know. Maybe I was hoping for a little more lights/fun or maybe an element of “WOW,” but I just came away wishing I had something else. Also, the parking is a complete joke – you have only TWO options in terms of parking: Valet or park elsehwere and walk or take the shuttle. This is pointless in my opinion – they should just offer free parking to patrons (MGM hotels now charge for parking) and valet. Like I mentioned above, I would definitely want to go again and the price of everything wouldn’t be too bad if you’re with a group of friends and you can split the cost of everything.

I would definitely bring my family members who are at least 12+ years old. I just feel like with the younger kids they may not necessarily have the ability to last a round of games, they may lose interest quick if they can’t get any of the golf balls in the targets and it’s can be dangerous if they decide to run around (think about it, sticks of metal being swung by both intoxicated and non-intoxicated individuals).

Have you been to a Top Golf? If so let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below or you can tag me in your pictures on Instagram and Twitter: @ciaociao808!




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