The Price of Becoming #InstaFamous

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This post is definitely different from any other posts I do on this blog – it’s definitely not a review of any sort, but I really wanted everyone’s opinion on this.


I love Instagram and posting on it. It has been so much fun to watch my number grow and to see so many individuals take interest in what I post. Recently, I have been receiving emails from companies asking if I would like to be a part of giveaways/promotions, which will help me increase my followers, but also link me with other Instagram accounts. Sounds great right? Well here’s the catch – there’s a cost to these things.

It looks like a great opportunity and a great way to generate more followers. I definitely have a goal of how many followers I want on all my social media platforms and the naive me wants to ignore these things and just keep hoping that my content itself will drive more and more people to follow me. I want people to like what I do and enjoy my content, I don’t want “fake” followers who only follow for their chances to win an item. I know what numbers I want to hit in order for me to do a giveaway and I want to stick to it.

In my actual job, I have seen so many people get special treatments because they are a “special somebody” on the internet – however when we (as a company) look at what they posted and the reactions/impressions from their post, it’s not impressive. I don’t want to just be defined by the number of followers I have; I want to be defined by my content.

On the other hand, the fast track looks so much easier. I mean, if I spend $25 I can buy-in to be a part of a giveaway, which can guarantee me thousands of followers?! Why not? I feel like that’s what companies look at right? It’s all about the followers. In my line of work, I have seen some people receive such great experiences and wonderful products, but we receive nothing in return. We don’t see a boost in followers or interactions, we don’t receive any inquiries, or any of those things. So at the end of the day these people get products and experiences for free while we get nothing in return. They do the bare minimum and reap all the great rewards while we get nothing. However, I feel like I could be different. If maybe I was given the opportunity, then I would be able to do something. Is that foolish to think of? Is it so naive for me to think that I could help a company gain more exposure?

I have been wondering about these things for so long and the opportunities to buy-in to these things are constantly presenting themselves and I find it more and more difficult not to be tempted. I so badly want to reach my goal and pass the difficult part of the journey. I’m tired of withering the storm and being patient – I want to succeed, but will it really be succeeding? A part of me feels that with so many Instagrammers, it’s tough to separate yourself from everyone else and I’m not sure if I really have my voice. I want to be able to stand on my two feet and say this is who I am, this is what my Instagram stands for, this is what I stand for, but am I really able to say such things?

What would you do? I’m sure as bloggers, you are also faced with a similar circumstance. It’s not easy to be on social media and make a living off of it without the followers, sponsorships, endorsements, etc., but I want to be proud and say that those who are following are my people. They get me, they understand me – we are one. Also, what are your thoughts when it comes to these programs/companies that allow you to inadvertently “buy” followers? Let me know in the comments down below – I’m definitely interested to see what everyone has to say on this topic.

If you are interested, you can check me out on Twitter and Instagram: @ciaociao808 and you can also check me out on YouTube: – I wish I could post more, but my internet makes it nearly impossible.

Have a great day or night wherever you are and I will talk to you guys in my next post!


cioaciao 808


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