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I’m not sure about you, but I hadn’t heard much on NARS’ line of Velvet Lip Glide. I watched one of my favorite YouTubers (emilynoel83) video on it and I was extremely intrigued so I just had to get one and try it out.PIGMENTATION 9/10:

The formulation of this product is very unique and (for this particular color) I get a very pigmented application. It’s really like a saturated liquid lipstick color without sacrificing any moisture in the product. Usually when it comes to liquid lipsticks I find that the more pigmented the product, the drier the formula, but not with this formula. It’s a very rich concentrated color with some added moisture.

 photo EA8D0583-084B-40DD-98DE-47AFC468A0E0.jpeg


On a normal day, one layer of this particular color will last me about 6-7 hours and that’s with eating and drinking. One thing to keep in mind though, is that the intensity will not be the same – on NARS’ website, the product isn’t described as being long-wearing or a stain, but I do notice a slight staining effect. The product fades, awkwardly from the outer perimeters of my lips then inwards, but it’s not a stark difference because there of staining effect.

With another application the longevity is even better, this is one of the few formulas that I have to actually use a makeup remover to take off the color at the end of the day.


This definitely one of the more unique formulas that I have tried in a while. It feels like a lightweight lip gloss without the sticky and high-shine finish, and dries to an extremely comfortable semi-matte finish. It’s so comfortable that I easily forget that I’m wearing it. Even with a reapplication it still feels so light.

The only problem occurs once I take the color off. My lips feel a bit tacky and dry once I wipe off the color; it feels even worse if I try to take the color off with a napkin.

 photo 1D4649AA-31FE-40B1-94BB-C24B720BA203.jpeg

This wand is amazing! I seriously don’t know what it is about the wand, but it makes applying the color so easy and effortless. It’s a very unique wand shape and even though it looks a tad on the larger side, it can actually reach the smaller areas on my lips. With a second layer the application is just as easy as the first layer – the color doesn’t clump up and it doesn’t show any patchiness.

I do notice that after a second layer it just takes a little longer to “dry down” even though it doesn’t really dry down. However it’s not a huge flaw and it doesn’t make the product worse.


I love this formula and color – it’s a my lips but better color that is extremely comfortable on my lips, lasts for a decent amount of time, and it doesn’t fade awkwardly. Ever since I bought it I find myself constantly reaching for it or using it on top of other products that I feel are too drying. Though at the end of my day my lips do feel chap, i can easily fix it with some lip balm.

It’s a very unique formula to me and I think that if you’re not into the whole matte  liquid lipstick craze, then this would be a good option for you. I think the darker colors would give more of a noticeable staining effect and with this particular color you don’t have to worry about it feathering out. You can purchase this wherever NARS is sold (the boutiques have an exclusive shade) and they retail for about $27.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Have you tried out any colors from NARS’ Velvet Lip Glide line? Which one is your favorite?

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