[MINi Me] Make Up For Ever – Lipstick N9 (Copper Pink)

Hi hi hi!

The colder weather is slowly starting to creep up on us here in Las Vegas, to be honest, it’s been a warm couple of weeks. To make it feel a little more like Fall, I started to really dig through my collection and find some warmer nudes.

I stumbled upon this particular MINi Me and I definitely wanted to try it out because it looked like a warm rosey-nude. 

The Color: 

Keep in mind this color will appear different on everybody. For some reason, pinks/lighter reds tend to oxidize to a deeper red/berry color. On my lips this particular color shows up as an almost light red/dark nude color.

Pigmentation 8/10:

It looked extremely dry in the tube, so I was worried that the pigmentation would be lacking. I also noticed there was some type of white-cast around the body of the actual lipstick. When apply one layer, I get a decent amount of pigment, but it really needs 2 full layers to be truly opaque.
 photo 76E28567-D713-486A-85CD-C47191606B9F.jpeg
Longevity 10/10: 

This is your traditional lipstick – it doesn’t claim to be extremely long wearing nor staining. Compared to the other traditional lipsticks I have, this lasts just as long and doesn’t fade throughout the day just from me talking and drinking. Of course, during meals, the color doesn’t last, but other than that, the longevity is pretty solid.

Texture 8/10: 

It’s extremely lightweight on the lips and has a bit of slip to it. By no means is it greasy feeling. The only reason why I gave this a lower score is because after a few hours of wear, you can feel it drying. It isn’t horrible nor does it feel like my lips are shriveling up from how dry it is. Other than that, it feels very comfortable on the lips and moisturizing.

Application 10/10:

I love the shape of this particular MINi! It makes it so easy to get he edges of my lips while completely covering the rest of my lip. It applies smoothly without any tugging. I definitely love how easy it is to apply. When I layer on a second layer, I don’t notice the first layer of moving around or creating patches which is surprising since it is a slick formula. I just checked the full size version and I was so glad to see that the shape of the lipstick is exactly the same as the MINi.
 photo D53C2E87-C5B2-41C5-8AC9-7C98969E62E6.jpeg
Overall 9/10:

I am definitely interested in picking up the full size once I finish this MINi. It compliments my skin tone and it doesn’t oxidize to a weird red/brownie color. I can definitely see myself using this color on a daily basis and I love that it has a pinky tone to it because it provides a different finish to any other color I have.

If you guys have tried anything from Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Natural line, let me know in the comments below and your thoughts! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@ciaociao808) to stay up to date with upcoming reviews!




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