Easy Holiday Shopping

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If you follow me on Instagram (@ciaociao808)  you already know some of my secrets when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. Now that most of us are already planning out our holiday shopping I wanted to share three ways I get the most bang for my buck.

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1. Ebates:

What’s better than earning cash back while getting your loved ones the perfect gift?! Signing up for Ebates is super simple (click here for more) and you can instantly begin shopping. If you are shopping online you will go through Ebates and it will track your purchase and within 24-48 hours you will see your cash back in your account. The neat thing about Ebates is that you can shop through the app so you don’t have to always use your computer. You can also receive cash back in-stores when you link your debit/credit card to your account.

When it comes to the in-store cash back, you need to first make sure you link the offer to the card that you’re using. If you link a debit card, you need to make sure that the store or restaurant (yes, I said restaurant) runs the transaction as a credit card. Just to give you a heads up, if you’re joining for the in-store cash back perks, be aware that there aren’t as many options compared through online.

Here are some deals that were going on as I worked on this post:

  • Macy’s 10% cash back
  • Kohl’s 8% cash back
  • Nordstrom 6% cash back
  • Amazon up to 10% cash back
  • Ulta 6% cash back
  • NIKE 9% cash back
  • Old Navy 8% cash back
  • Ugg 10% cash back
  • Saks Fifth Avenue 8% cash back
  • Tom’s 8% cash back
  • Kiehl’s Since 1851 8% cash back
  • Coach 3% cash back
  • Elf 3.5% cash back
  • Sephora 4% cash back

That’s just a small sampling of the stores they have! If you do a lot of online shopping you should definitely sign up and get your friends signed up as well.


 photo tumblr_ntcaopveHl1qe1ovwo1_500h.jpg
2. Hautelook

I learned about Hautelook from a YouTuber, I can’t remember which one, but regardless, I love it. Hautelook is basically Nordstrom Rack, however unlike Nordstrom Rack, the brands are only available for a limited time and there’s limited quantities. Some brands that are currently featured on Hautelook include:

  • Free People
  • Rachel Rachel Roy
  • Kevyn Aucoin
  • Le Creust
  • Juicy Couture Baby & Girls
  • Gorjana Jewelry
  • Reebok Active
  • Swarovski Jewelry
  • Circus by Sam Edelman
  • Nine West

I have also seen brands such as Stila, Balm Cosmetics, Cargo, BH Cosmetics, etc.

The only downside to getting the great deals is that it takes forever to receive them. Also, just because it’s in your cart doesn’t mean it’s yours for good. Since there are limited quantities available on items, there is a time limit on how long an item can sit in your cart (15 minutes) it’s great for others, but it sucks for you if you really want to browse the different events going on.

 photo hotel-email-best-practices.jpg
3. Emails

I know it sucks to receive a ton of spam for different stores, but when it comes to the Holiday season, they are a great way to see what deals are going on. Sometimes the only way you can have access to a sale or to receive a great deal is through the email they send out. Everyday I receive hundreds of emails regarding new product launches, sales, etc. though it is tedious to go through all the emails, I usually try to plan out gifts around the emails I receive. For example, e.l.f. will sometimes offer 50% off their site (exclusions apply of course), so when I receive that email, I usually find my essentials, but I will also stock up on sets so I can give them as gifts.

If you are really not a fan of receiving emails, I would suggest setting up a “spam” email account that way you can continually receive emails without having to deal with it on a daily basis. I also suggest you sign up only for stores/brands that you are truly interested in or stores/brands your loved ones enjoy. I don’t usually shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but I signed up once my boyfriend picked up an interest in golf and it definitely worked out because we both were able to get great deals on some golf accessories, clubs, golf balls, and I even got a great deal on a new golf bag!

I hope these tips help you with your shopping this holiday season and I also hope you get some cash back as well 😉 If you guys have any questions regarding anything I mentioned above, please let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow my blog to be notified when I have new posts up. Also, follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@ciaociao808) to see previews of posts/reviews that I’m working on; I also share any sales and deals that I see floating around!




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