Merry #Blogmas Day 3 | DIY Planner

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I’ve done a DIY planner before, but there have been so many new office supplies that have come out lately that has made making a planner so easy and the best part, you don’t have to pay over $20 for it! The best part is that with this simple layout, you can customize it with a color scheme, design, etc.

This planner will have a full month calendar and sections for each week, with enough room to write down what you need each day.

If you’re interested keep reading!

What You Will Need: 

 photo IMG_2085.jpg

    • 1 Mini Binder (1″ – I was able to find my cute binder from Target, but you can easily find some at Walmart or online from Avery)
    • 1-2 Packs of mini binder filler (lined) paper (measurement: 5 1/2″x8 1/2″)
    • Multi-color cardstock (8 1/2″ x 11″ – check out Michael’s, they usually have a coupon for 40% off a regular price item; they also sometimes have great deals on their packs of card stock
    • Post-it Tabs

 photo IMG_2086.jpg

Let’s Put It All Together:

Now this all depends on how you want to assemble and make your planner, but here’s the basic version.

  1. You’ll need 12 sheets of card stock cut in half, you will need two halves for each month. In order to punch the holes in the right area, take one sheet of mini binder paper, see which holes they align with in the binder, and use that as a guide.
  2. Let’s work on the calendar portion. Once you have the holes punched in, you will want to work on two halves, keep in mind when outlining your calendar, you will be working with the holes facing each other (see picture below).

 photo IMG_2087.jpg3. Now for the measurements (see picture below): photo IMG_2090.jpg

  • For the header, you will need 1 inch of space.
  • Each half will have 4 columns, each column will be about 1.4″
  • Each half will have 5 rows, each row will be 1.5″

4. You will complete steps 2-3 for each month. Keep in mind you can design the calendar however you want.

5. For the weekly calendar I designed mine so that it mirrored the calendar. Using the loose filler paper, we’ll start off with the first sheet. Instead of having the holes on the left hand side, we’re going to work with the holes on the right side. There will be 3 sections total (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), each section will consist of 9 lines.

 photo IMG_2092.jpg6. On another sheet of loose leaf paper, this time holes facing the left, we will do the same thing and split it into 3 sections, each section with 9 lines. The first two sections will be for Thursday and Friday (respectively). The last section, we will split in half, one half for Saturday and the other half for Sunday.

7. You will want to continue the process for each week and you will want to keep the same layout for each week. This layout will create a more efficient layout and you will be able to see one week.

8. Once you have completed everything, you will use the post-it tabs to label each month.

I hope the pictures help you create your planner and keep in mind you can decorate it however you want! This is just a basic layout for a planner and it allows you to have so much flexibility when it comes to the layout, color, design, etc. Let me know if you plan to create your own planner. It definitely is time consuming, but it’s cheaper and you can personalize it as much as you want!

Tag me in your pictures if you decide to create your own planner on Twitter and Instagram @ciaociao808!




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