Merry #Blogmas Day4 | Easy Gifting How-To

Hi hi hi!

I am in full throttle when it comes to picking up gifts for everyone on my Christmas list. Last year I felt like I was in such a rush to pick up presents that I didn’t get the best possible deal that I could have and I felt like I was completely out of money once January rolled around.

This year, I didn’t want to feel like completely broke and stressed this holiday season. Here are some tips to hopefully make this gifting season a stress-free one. 

Make A List, Check It Twice:

Setting up a list is the best way to make sure you stay on budget and you have everything that you need. I started my list back in October and I just slowly been adding to it (if needed). On a separate note pad paper, I wrote down the names of everybody that I’m buying presents for and underneath their names I leave a couple of blank spaces and every time I buy a present for them, I add it to their section. This allows me to focus on who I need to get presents for and who I already bought presents for.
 photo 35FECCBF-48AA-4EA2-BD6A-07B4DFAD7260.jpg
Set A Budget:

This is probably the most common advice given during the holiday season – setting a budget ensures that you won’t be overspending and it also is a way to really plan out how much you will be giving each person. Last year, I didn’t really have a plan when it came to budgeting and I ended up spending so much money and all of a sudden when January came around and I had to pay off my bills, I was stressing out about whether I would have enough to cover everything while still keep the minimum in my account.

When you set a budget for yourself, you won’t be surprise when you look at your bank account. For my family, boyfriend and close friends my budget ranges between $60-$100; it may seem like a lot, but I don’t necessarily have a ton of people I’m giving to. For my coworkers, I usually go between $30-$50. Other than those categories, I don’t really have anyone else that I shop for. My family and I also do toy drives and buy toys and clothes to give to charities, so I try to accommodate for that as well.

Buy Early and Stock Up:

During the year, there are some great deals that go around. When September/October comes around I tend to start looking closer at deals that are going around and choose to stock up on gifts for other people. For example, Pandora was having a great deal around October where if you spent over $100, you get a free pair of earrings. I was already eyeing a ring ($95) that I really wanted and I knew I wanted to get my mom a simple pair of earrings ($65) and it just so happened my sister needed a pair of earrings too. I stocked up on gifts for my sister and mom while picking up something that I wanted and I had half of my mom’s Christmas present.

I also do the same when it comes to birthday gifts. My boyfriend’s, sister’s, mom’s and a few other’s birthdays are early in the year, so if there’s a good deal going on during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, I usually try to get things that I could also give them for their birthday.

Gift Sets Are The Best:

When it comes to buying for multiple people or even just finding stocking stuffers, I find gift sets are the best. I developed a new approach when it comes to gifting and instead of getting people one main thing, I have grown fond of creating gift sets. When you create your own gift sets, it tends to be more cost-effective and you get to choose what you want to include. For example, Sephora sells a bunch of different value sets and gift sets like the one below. The below costs about $8 (it’s on sale) and you can split it between 3 people on your lists and continue to do that with other goodies until you have an amazing gift set for those around you.
 photo kisses.jpg
I hope these tips allow you to have a stress free holiday shopping season! We can be so caught up in the business/rush of the holiday season; this year let’s add a little more love and care into each present/gift we wrap and give.



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