Merry #Blogmas Day 7 | kate spade new york – Cameron Street Agenda

Hi hi hi!

I think I am finally caught up with blogmas! Anyhow, since I seem to be in a planner mood/phase I decided to write my review of my beloved kate spade new york agenda. I was lucky enough to find this gem at my local outlet (best part about living in Las Vegas) and I was also lucky enough to get a great deal on it as well. Interested in investing in this precious gem? Keep reading! photo 1FC90240-B33A-469B-8CBB-4985B3C970A0.jpg

Like I said I got an amazing deal on this baby thanks to the outlets I ended up paying about $60+ for it, on the website it retails for almost $200! Even at $60 it is still very pricey for an agenda and I must admit I probably wouldn’t even have considered it if it weren’t kate spade.
 photo 396A98F5-83C6-4668-A2F0-E43EEB3505E7.jpg

 photo 40A5D8E3-C82A-43ED-9AB4-DA1BC38C4B2F.jpg
What really pushed me over the edge to purchase it was how functional it is for a professional. I’m not sure if I mentioned anything about this here, but I really wanted to start my own business and I figured that they layout of this planner would help me stay organized throughout the entire process. I also loved that I can purchase the actual agenda portion from kate spade’s website OR if I wanted to, I can purchase inserts from elsewhere.

This can also function as a do-all agenda, so if you are on the go and are going from meeting to meeting and don’t want to worry about carrying a purse or anything with you, you can easily slip in a couple of business cards, ID, and credit cards and you’re ready to go!
 photo 1E6D8736-7F4F-480E-8C77-F51356EDDADE.jpg
As I continue my career, I’ve learned the importance in investing in others and paying attention to their likes and dislikes – why am I mentioning this? Because this planner allows you to keep track of these important things like their birthday, favorite restaurants, etc. This agenda lets you do just this! There’s a section to write down favorite restaurants and favorite foods and also a section for birthdays.

 photo D37BB17D-A084-453E-8F3A-4C5A1030775A.jpg

 photo EFB57C54-F410-4576-89D5-ACC2CA5C93A4.jpg
There are so many different sections that you can use to keep yourself organized and in-check. I highly recommend this as a gift for a young professional in your life (I even added it to my gift guide which you can check out here)! This is also perfect for someone who is always on the go as well. If you are lucky enough to find this at an outlet while they are having the 60% off sale with an additional 20% off, I say this is definitely worth the investment.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick review. It’s a little different from the reviews I usually do and I know I just posted 2 planner DIYs, but if you have the extra money and live next to a kate spade outlet I think this is something that you would be interested in. I like to think that we all need a great heavy-duty, no-fail agenda and for me I found it in this baby.

Let me know if you pick it up – I’d love to see what style you get! Tag me on Instagram and Twitter @ciaociao808.




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