Best Products of 2016

 Best Products of 2016

Hi Hi Hi! I’m sharing my absolute favorite products of 2016 – I’ve already shard my favorite makeup, but I wanted to share everything else that I’ve been loving this year! Please note that some of these products aren’t in the actual color that I have them in.

Michael Kors | Jet Set Medium Travel Tote (Black)
Last Christmas I gifted myself with a new Michael Kors work bag which is very similar to the purse I’m featuring here. I fell in love with the functionality of it and I loved the fact that it is just a classic style. There is a divider on the inside of the bag which also acts as a zippered pocket. What I enjoyed the most is the fact that it can fit a ton of things without looking bulky. I can fit my 13″ MacBook Pro easily as well as a Michael Kors wristlet, my wallet, and a ton of my lipsticks with so much room to spare! I’ve even lost water bottles in there. It’s a great bag for a young working professional as well as a matured #BossLady. It’s such a functional, classic style purse that will work with any outfit.

Kate Spade | Wallet
First off, I have to apologize – I am sooooo sorry, but I can’t find this wallet anywhere online. I actually picked it up from the local kate spade outlet and I am so in love with it. It’s a small but extremely functional wallet that holds a bunch of cards, coins, and bills. I have always had issues with wallets because I have always felt like they were either too big or too small, but this is the perfect wallet for me. I am hoping that I can record an actual video talking about these favorites and I will be able to show more of this particular wallet. If not, I will go ahead and do an actual blog post for it. Regardless, this wallet holds everything that I need it to hold and it’s not extremely bulky.

Mophie | Rose Gold
I have always had issues with my phone losing battery life extremely quick and I hated having to carry an external battery because the cord would always get in the way. I decided to invest in a Mophie case after my cute kate spade case was a total bust. I m so in love with it and it has come in handy so much! I end up having to charge my phone almost everyday and I am just so happy with it. There is a thought that having a charging case ruins the phone battery, but I haven’t notice any significant difference in battery performance. When you plug your phone onto the charger, it charges your phone first and then the case which is perfect if you need to quickly charge up (after using your case). The only thing that I don’t care for is the fact that the cases are just so plain. I love having some type of decoration on my phone case, but this is just so functional that I will just deal with a boring plain case.

Fitbit | Flex
During 2016 I really wanted to focus on my health, but I ended up having a ton of health issues – ironic right? Anyhow I relied on my Fitbit Flex a lot to motivate me to be active and to set goals and achieve them. I love how simple the Flex is and it is so easy to use, but sadly, my Flex has gone completely dead. I’ve tried about three different chargers to hopefully get it to work, but it was to no avail. This Christmas I bought myself a new Fitbit Charge 2. One thing to note is that they are slowly phasing out this particular Flex model – I rarely see these in stores anymore. They do have a new version called Flex 2 which is very similar to this particular model, but it is a lot more thinner and skinnier. I do like the Flex 2’s shape a lot because it is very sleek and it can blend it with anything.

kate spade | Cameron Street Agenda
I have a review on this particular agenda already posted on my blog, but I just had to share it again. Besides makeup, I am a huge planner/agenda addict. I love them so much and when I stumbled upon this particular agenda I was in love. I actually picked mine up at my local outlet and I love the print because it’s polka-dots, but what really pushed me to purchase it was the fact that they had so many different pockets and cardholders that I felt like it would be so handy for anything. I am planning to start my own business and a non-profit, so I figured that this would be so handy to have because I could hold my business cards, other people’s business cards, my debit/credit cards and my driver’s license without having to carry a ton of other things with me. It’s just such a handy agenda and I am absolutely in love with it. It is a pricey item, but I figured that I could use it over and over again so it’s definitely worth the investment.Ring s
I am absolutely OBSESSED with this ring! I bought it for myself just because I had seen it in a catalog and I knew I needed to have it. I love how dainty it is and it just matches with everything! The rose collection that Pandora has is absolutely stunning and I would love to have more rings from the collection. This would be an amazing gift to any woman and it’s just – amazing!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favorite products of 2016 are in the comments below! I would love to check them out, especially if they’re health related. Don’t forget to follow me on all my social platforms @ciaociao808 and on YouTube (

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