What’s In Janellie’s Belly? | What I Ate Wednesday

Hi hi hi!

Welcome to another post for, “What’s In Janellie’s Belly?” I hope you’ve had an amazing start to 2017 and if not, guess what, you have 361 days that are still unwritten! Anyhow, before we dive into the actual post, let me open up a little as to why I decided to track what I’m eating.

One of my goals every year is to lose weight, but I have never been successful and I think it’s mainly because I just lose motivation a couple weeks into my “lifestyle change.” I have tried so many different tactics to get me to actually change my lifestyle, but nothing ever seems to work. So this year, I started making a change, well, not really a change, more like an addition. Instead of constantly focusing on portion sizes, calories, etc. I decided to track what I eat everyday and any physical activity I do, including steps. This way I have to be accountable for everything that I am putting into my body. Originally, I tried doing this by tracking my caloric intake, but it became all about the numbers and I was hungry so often! It sucked and so I stopped.

I like this method more because it’s not about the numbers, it’s about what I am choosing to put in my body. When I look back on the weeks I can see where I may have gone wrong – maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the cookie, maybe I shouldn’t have had the Starbucks drink, etc. I also figured that eventually when I’m ready to make a dietary change, I can go in and see where I’m taking in the most caloric intake or where I can switch in a healthier option.

I started tracking my diet back in December and it took me a little bit to get into the habit of filling out my planner everyday, but now I look forward to it. Though I am not too excited about jotting down all the food I consume, I am excited to jot down the exercise/any activity I do.

Anyhow, with that extremely long explanation out of the way, let’s get into the actual post!

 photo B21F8CEC-8FD7-4C1A-9B7E-BF95B183F00C.jpg
This morning I had one of my favorite soups – Posole! It’s a Mexican soup that has many variations to it, but I love my dad’s version. I can seriously eat it everyday (and I did)! I also added half of a tuna sandwich to help me make it to lunch time.

 photo B1EE9321-2AA0-4D6D-9C5D-F164BDE083C2.jpg
So I did an extremely bad thing – I skipped lunch. Before I had my lunch I was snacking on a Hawaiian style chex mix my sister had made. It’s so yummy, that I ate all of it! I was so full afterwards that I actually didn’t feel like eating lunch. Though this technically belongs in the “Snack” portion, I decided to put it as my lunch since I technically ate it for lunch.

 photo 7A35E742-854D-49B8-AB13-7093D329F55A.jpg
For dinner, we had Popeyes – which I really don’t care for. I don’t care for Popeyes at all, so I opted to get their popcorn shrimp instead. It was a little spicy for me, but it was pretty good; to be honest, it’s all batter and very little shrimp. If you’re into that then I say it’s a pretty good deal – I think it was about $3-$4 which isn’t bad for all the shrimp I got.


Usually I don’t take pictures of the snacks that I eat, mainly because it’s difficult to capture. However, I’m gonna be honest and provide some insight as to what I had. I had a grande chestnut praline latte, 1/4 of a bottle (small) lime Gatorade, 2 shortbread biscuits covered in chocolate, and 1 Merci chocolate.

That’s it for this week’s What’s In Janellie’s Belly! I hope you guys enjoyed it. In the long run, I’m hoping that these will become a tad bit healthier or at least not be so junk food heavy. Let me know what your health goals are for 2017 in the comments down below! You can always follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@ciaociao808) to keep up with me in my daily life! I am also getting a ring light soon to start posting more on YouTube so you can follow me there – youtube.com/msluvly1234.




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