[REVIEW] Clinique|Chubby Treats

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I wanted to share a cute little set that I had picked up from Sephora. With the colder weather I have been using a lot more lipsticks and tinted balms over my liquid lipsticks and believe it or not, Clinique’s Chubby Sticks has been one of those products that I have yet to try. It’s sad but true. During the holidays Clinique had launched a larger set and I opted to not purchase it mainly because it was just too much product for me. I wanted something a little smaller and without the overwhelming-ness of all the colors. photo D80625A3-3D71-4189-808A-0653D41D9110.jpeg

What Is It?:
In the Chubby Treats set you get 6 mini Chubby Sticks – 4 in the original formula and 2 in their Intense formula. The container it comes in is a baby pink, tin, reusable container.
 photo A5439746-B634-488A-9C53-633B2155724A.jpeg
How Much?
The set costs $25 ($34 value)

I have tried many different tinted lip balms and I had heard a lot of good things regarding Clinique’s Chubby Sticks. However, what I should have taken into consideration is how pigmented my lips are compared to the videos that I was watching. The thing with tinted lip balms is that you really can’t expect much pigmentation from them, but there are formulas/brands that will surprise you with how pigmented it is. With all that being said, I don’t think I would need a lot of the original Chubby Sticks. Even the brightest color doesn’t add much to my lips. I do like the formula (for the most part, more on that later), but all of the ones that I tried in this set provided me with the same results which was barely there color. On the other hand, the Intense formula is a lot more pigmented and concentrated in color, but it’s not like you’re swiping a lipstick on.

The formula on the original Chubby Sticks is extremely comfortable while it’s on, however, my gripe comes as it wears off. My lips are left feeling a tad dehydrated, slightly chapped, and tacky. Weird, I know, but when I purse my lips and then relax them, my lips end up sticking together and the dry patches are extremely visible and you can see the areas where it’s peeling (gross, I know).

 photo 48A6B428-44F8-4ABE-A404-D593ED8450B4.jpeg

Colors L-R: Curviest Caramel (Intense Formula), Woppin Watermelon, Mighty Mimosa, Broadest Berry (Intense Formula), Super Strawberry, Chunky Cherry

The original formula wears just like a typical balm and will fade when you eat or drink. Since the color is extremely sheer, it’s easy to reapply without a mirror and you don’t have to worry about messing it up. Once the product faded off,, so did the moisture. When I tried to reapply the product after it faded off, my lips felt stickier and I felt like the dry patches on my lips are more noticeable.


With the Intense formula, it seems to last a little bit longer on my lips which is most likely because of the higher amount of pigment in the product. I did notice some awkward fading – where it fades on the inside portions of my lips and doesn’t really fade on the outer portions. However, it is extremely easy to reapply the product without my lips feeling like it’s been gunked up with lip balm. When I would reapply the product after it wore off, I felt like I had an even layer and I didn’t feel like it made any of the dry patches on my lips worse.


Original Formula: 6/10

Intense Formula: 9/10


Original Formula: 8/10

Intense Formula: 9/10


Original Formula: 7/10 (this score includes how it wears)

Intense Formula: 8/10 (this score includes how it wears)


Original Formula: 7/10

Intense Formula: 10/10


Original Formula: 7/10

Intense Formula: 9/10


 photo 8F1E0B7F-0FEA-4E81-AA08-ED29E8887746.jpeg
Colors L-R: Curviest Caramel (Intense Formula), Woppin Watermelon, Mighty Mimosa, Broadest Berry (Intense Formula), Super Strawberry, Chunky Cherry

To be honest, I will not be picking up any Chubby Sticks in a full-size version. I just don’t feel like there’s anything special with these formulas. I do think that these would be great for those who like easy-to-wear light colors, but keep in mind if you have pigmented lips, the original formula won’t be extremely pigmented and in order to get the color to be concentrated, you need to add multiple layers which leads to a streaky and uneven application. I can see patches where the color may have been taken off because I kept swiping it back and forth multiple times on my lips.


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