NEW! Burberry | Liquid Lip Velvet – Dark Rosewood

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I am so excited to share with you guys what has to be my favorite lip product of this year (so far). It’s a huge statement to make since we aren’t even through the first month of 2017, but I have to say this is a pretty standout product! Keep reading for more.
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What Is It?:

Burberry’s first liquid lip product (not including their gloss) – introduced to the market early January 2017. According to the description on Sephora’s website: “Liquid Lip Velvet is developed with an innovative formula that merges rich pigment, smooth applications, and a whipped, creamy texture for a bold, velvet finish that lasts for up to eight hours. The comfortable, non-drying formula keeps lips supple and moisturized, ensuring that the color does not dry, fade, or crack. Available in Burberry’s boldest lip color collection, each shade coats lips with a burst of saturated lip color that lasts. Joining the Lip Velvet collection, Liquid Lip Velvet provides a light-as-air feeling and a cushion-soft sensation upon application.”

How Much?: $33


I absolutely love this product – well, I am in love with majority of this product. The color range isn’t something to go crazy over, but I think a lot of people will find easily find their everyday color. The formulation on this is just hands-down the best I have tried in a really long time. It is so lightweight and dries down to a matte finish, but it doesn’t dry out my lips at all and the best part is that it dries down almost immediately after it’s applied and once it’s dry, my lips feel like my natural lips.
 photo EB118C3B-8BC2-42B2-965D-402175CD9F9D.jpg
Besides, the formula, this color is absolutely beautiful! It definitely is on the rosier end of the spectrum and has a bit of a warmth to it as well. This a perfect my lips but better color and the perfect everyday color. Since it is more on the neutral side and matches closely with my natural lip color, when it fades, it’s not a drastic transition. It also holds up when it comes to drinking anything (I tested it on my Starbucks cup and there was barely any residue). I did notice that some of the color faded as I was eating my lunch, but like I had mentioned before, the color is so close to my natural lip color that I couldn’t really tell a difference, but I still felt like I had a decent amount of color left. After it wears off, my lips aren’t feeling chapped or dried out, which is surprising because even with the NARS Velvet Lip Glides, once the color fades, my lips feel tacky and chapped.
 photo B90AF2BC-D6DE-457C-8D01-702A33EDCB8B.jpg
For me, this is a perfect combination of a matte liquid lipstick with the feel and formulation of a traditional lipstick. I love the fact that it dries down to a matte finish like a liquid lipstick, but it doesn’t feel like it’s drying out your lips; it provides just the right amount of moisture without making your lips feel like they’re gooped* on with product, much like a traditional lipstick.

*I must warn that I always apply a thin layer of this product and I wipe any excess product off – I do the same procedure when using any liquid lipstick.


Pigmentation: 10/10

Longevity: 9/10

Texture: 8/10

Application: 8.5/10

Overall: 8.8/10
 photo 0C36C40E-497E-4908-A496-ADFD0886AAD4.jpg
There are two reasons why this particular color/product didn’t score higher: 1. The applicator is too flimsy, and I’m afraid that with a lot of use, the applicator will eventually break and 2. The texture it has when I purse my lips together, makes me feel uncomfortable (almost feels like fine sand is on my lips). However, I would definitely save up to purchase more wearable colors of this formula. I feel like this is what NARS’ Velvet Lip Glides were trying to be and though I do love my NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound, this has taken its spot for now – that is until something new shows up!

Let me know if you’ve tried the new Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets and what you think about them in the comments down below! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and now Facebook @ciaociao808! You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel:!



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