What’s In Janellie’s Belly? |What I Ate Wednesday

hi hi hi!

I am horrible with this, but trust me I will get better! I hope you guys are having a great week so far and I hope your new year’s resolutions are going well!

Let’s do a quick update before I let you in as to what I had!


These past couple of days I have honestly had a lot of trouble with my psychological health – in other word’s I’ve been going through a tough patch. I haven’t been able to sleep properly and I have been waking up in the middle of the night a lot because of restlessness. In the past I have had minor anxiety/stress issues that have affected my sleep and also breathing, but it has never gotten so bad that I had to receive medical attention. However, it has gotten worse so I am thinking about going to see a therapist and see what happens.

Other than that, I haven’t been to the gym at all this week and I have been feeling it! I feel sluggish and am not really feeling myself anymore. Though I have only been going to the gym for a little bit, I really do miss it. Going to the gym in the morning just made me feel like I was finally doing something great for myself and I feel good even though usually during the day I feel completely dead. I’m hoping that after this phase passes, I will find the motivation again to get my butt back in the gym! Alright, now let’s get into the food!

 photo FF14D06C-DF4E-41D1-A679-7F6BCDD01285.jpg
For breakfast, I had grilled fajita chicken sandwich which had pre-made fajita chicken bits, a slice of provolone cheese and 2 slices of garlic toast (made with whole wheat bread). I also started taking multi-vitamins and a B-Complex supplement in hopes that the combination of the two will help boost my energy.


Well, as usual, I failed at documenting my lunch. However, I had a Filipino dish called pork guisantes and rice. Pork guisantes is basically pork and peas cooked in a tomato base and is another one of my favorite dishes! I can seriously eat it for days (and I have). The only thing is that it can be extremely greasy, but if you put it in the refrigerator overnight, you can actually skim off the excess grease.

 photo f086d401-69df-484b-951a-6378891ce9b1.jpg
For dinner I had another favorite, Korean chicken. This dish is extremely easy and basically it’s fried chicken in a garlicy-soy sauce sauce. If you would like the recipe let me know because it is great for a party or for your own family because you can change the type of chicken you use and you can also make large batches. We used boneless skinless chicken breasts tonight, but you can also make it using wings, drumsticks, etc. I would suggest staying away from larger pieces like thighs (bone-in) and breasts (bone-in).

 photo E762A4F1-8051-4543-931D-2080690AD9E0.jpg
As usual I had my cup of coffee in the morning with creamer and a little bit of hot cocoa mix added. My boyfriend and I went to see Star Wars Rogue One and of course I had to get my usual – butter popcorn and a Coke icee.

I hope you guys enjoyed this What’s In Janellie’s Belly?! I’m starting to notice that I have been doing a lot better in regards to portion sizes and what I’m choosing to eat. It also helps that there are no candies, cookies, cakes, etc. at work because I’m not tempted to snack on anything.

I promise I will be posting more reviews soon, but I wanted to have a good mix of department store  and drug store products. However, if you are interested in seeing what I am currently testing out, follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @ciaociao808 and if you are interested in express reviews, vlogs, and any type of video, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well (youtube.com/msluvly1234).




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