What’s In Janellie’s Belly | What I Ate Wednesday

Hi hi hi!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far and I hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day! I was a little better when it came to documenting what I ate today, but before I go into that, let’s begin with an update. 

Last week I did really well when it came to going to the gym. I went Monday-Wednesday after work and I definitely enjoyed it. However, I lost out on a lot of time when it came to editing blog posts and videos. So this week I decided to focus on my blog and video, but I have been feeling extremely sluggish. I have also been having more anxiety attacks last week and this week and they have left me feeling extremely exhausted. I am hoping that once I have my condo completed, the anxiety attacks will subside or at least once I get my essential oil diffuser, it will help with my anxiety.

I also did some meal prep on Sunday (which left me feeling absolutely exhausted) for my lunches and it’s extremely convenient! I didn’t make extremely healthy meals, but I figured that this is a great way to just start getting into the habit. I made three days worth of pasta carbonara using gluten free pasta and I prepped two days worth of taco salad.

Alright, now that I have you guys pretty much updated, let’s get into the food!

 photo 39A27BB4-5626-4AFF-AD0E-53B20F8E7B0D.jpg
In the picture, you see two musubis and some egg with ketchup. However, I could only eat one musubi. Usually I can eat two of them without any problems, but for some reason, one was all I could finish. The last musubi was eaten by my sister for dinner.


I was bad and didn’t really have a lunch, so to replace it I had a red velvet cupcake for lunch and that was it.

 photo 9C876C13-5EF9-4A9E-943D-60ABE93B433F.jpg
I LOVE carne asada fries. There is a new fast food Mexican place that opened up across the street from us and since Walgreen’s parking area was full (I originally wanted to see if they had any new products in, nothing caught my attention) I decided to pick up dinner for the family. I of course had to get the carne asada fries and I picked up carne asada nachos and a carne asada burrito for the family.

 photo 55541C90-BE14-465B-B73D-10605F770D08.jpg
Since it was Valentine’s Day and my dad is completely surrounded by girls, he made us mini strawberry and blueberry shortcakes. It’s easy, fresh, and not to mention delicious!

 photo 2A4541FD-57ED-4338-A96D-786704CD9948.jpg
Before I had my oh so nutritious lunch, I had about a cup of vanilla yogurt, half a banana (the other half was rotten), and some Special K cereal. Easy fruit and yogurt parfait that I prepared ahead of time. I also had a strawberry ring pop, just because it was Valentine’s Day.

I’m hoping I can share some of my meal prep ideas and tips once I really get the hang of the whole meal prepping days. I’ve come to the realization that meal prepping requires a ton of containers, which I don’t have, so hopefully when I move out I will be able to pick up enough containers and have enough room in my refrigerator for everything. When it comes to meal preps I’m hoping that I will be able to do it for breakfast too and not just lunch. We’ll see how long meal prepping lasts because honestly I’m not sure I would have the energy to meal prep EVERY Sunday.

If you’re interested in keeping up with my antics, products I’m testing out, what I’ve picked up, or just want to know what sales are going on, follow me on Instagram (ciaociao808) and on Twitter (@ciaociao808). I have also been trying to get more videos up on my YouTube channel focusing on express reviews on products that I have written full reviews on, so if you’re interested in those check out youtube.com/msluvly1234.




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