Creating A Home | Part 2 – The Work

Hi hi hi!

Wow it has been a while. Just when I thought I was back to blogging, life seems to say otherwise. I wanted to provide an update in regards to my new condo. As I am writing this, I have spent exactly 2 days 3 nights at my new place and I have to say, I’m slowly starting to fall in love with it.

This blog won’t have the really fun bits and by that I mean decorating. I am focusing on the not so fun part which is getting things prepped for the day I actually move things in. I thought that I was for sure going to have more parts to this series, but I have been working on so many different projects at once, there really was no way for me to separate posts the way I wanted to. Anyhow, let’s get into this post.

I believe I had mentioned it in my previous post, but there were a lot of accessories that needed to be changed:

  • Kitchen faucet and basin
  • Master bathroom faucet
  • Master bathroom shower head
  • Master bedroom light
  • Master and guest bedroom carpet

Lucky for me, my dad is an amazing handyman – he had me go to Home Depot, take a look at the the above and pick out what I want. I gave him the money to purchase everything and he went ahead picked it up and started working on changing out the above the next day. The process took about 2 days – it took longer for the carpet because we had to wait for Home Depot to do the installation. After that, my dad installed the ceiling fan in the master bedroom and everything was completed.

 photo IMG_2113.jpg
Dining area
 photo IMG_2105.jpg
Guest Room

I took a day off of work to begin cleaning everything. I was only able to begin the kitchen and wipe down the sinks in the master and guest bathroom (my dad had done some stuff to the tub, and it had to set). Unfortunately I still waited a week to move in. To be honest, work just started to get a little more stressful and I had yet to order my couch, bed frame and internet. I just needed some time to just focus on one thing. Finally I bit the bullet and finally purchased all three of those things. Once the internet was up and running, I was ready to move it.

 photo IMG_2111.jpg
Master Bedroom

The pictures you see are from my day off, when I went to clean up the space. I had my sisters there as well to help with most of the cleaning. I also have a vlog, where I talked a little more about some of the things that were going on in the space – you can follow me on YouTube ( to see more footage of my new place and also see some vlogs that I’m putting together.

 photo IMG_2109.jpg
Guest Bathroom
 photo IMG_2108.jpg
 photo IMG_2107.jpg
Kitchen pt. 2 – Dad was working on the sink
 photo IMG_2104.jpg
Sisters “helping” out
 photo IMG_2102.jpg
Living area

Overall, I think the above process has been the most difficult. There were so many decisions that I needed to make and to be honest, I hate being the decision maker. However, I’m definitely satisfied with how the place is coming together. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@ciaociao808) to stay up to date regarding the progress of my new home!



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