Perverse Sunglasses |Olvera (DC)

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I wanted to begin including more accessories and other fun things into my reviews, and I thought what better way to start with one of my new favorite pair of sunglasses! We can already tell where this review is going, so let’s jump right in. 

Disclaimer! Unfortunately this pair has been discontinued (DC), but there is a similar pair available in the style Broadway – I will post side by side comparison shots below.
 photo Photo Apr 01 8 23 43 AM.jpg
 photo IMG_2115.jpg
I was initially drawn to this style because it offered the best of both worlds for me. I love having big bug-eye frames, but they end up making my face look rounder than it already is and it’s not flattering in pictures. I also like the way angled frames look, but unfortunately I had yet to find one that was big enough to work with my face proportions – they would always end up looking a tad too small for my face. Olvera looked like the perfect middle ground because it has the rounded bottom like a bug-eye frame, but it also had the angles up top which help the overall aesthetic of my face look not as round. It’s also big enough to compliment my face shape, without looking too small or too big.
 photo IMG_2116.jpg
I was extremely impressed with how quick they were able to get my sunglasses out (I bought a different pair for my boyfriend) – within the same day, I received an email saying that my sunglasses have been packaged and shipped, and I received a second email from USPS saying that a package was headed my way. This has to be the best customer service I have ever received from a company and trust me I do a lot of online shopping, and by far, this was extremely impressive.

When I first opened the box, it was packaged beautifully and they had inserted fun fliers that talked about some of the other styles they offered. I loved that each pair of sunglasses was packaged in their own individual box and the box didn’t feel flimsy or cheap – they feel like quality boxes with magnetic closures. I kept them just in case I travel and I want to safely store my sunnies. First thing I noticed when I took my sunnies out of the box was the weight on them. They’re not extremely heavy, but by no means do they feel flimsy.
 photo IMG_2128.jpg photo IMG_2117.jpg
The actual sunnies do an amazing job when it comes to blocking out the sun! When I leave work I drive in the direction of the sun setting and in Las Vegas, it can get pretty bright and difficult to see. The tint to the actual frames aren’t extremely dark and are typical of lenses that have like a black finish to them; so when you put them on, the tint isn’t blue, yellow, or brown.


I love these sunnies – they are seriously the best ones I have ever owned and I was lucky enough to pick up this particular pair before they were discontinued. It has a nice weight to it and they look amazing on. Unfortunately I am pretty rough with my sunnies and don’t always take care of them like I should, but so far the mirrored lens haven’t scratched! I will also be working on a review for my boyfriend’s pair of aviators, even though those are discontinued as well.
 photo B8207F03-F792-40CB-A567-0ADF15A4D52B.jpg
Though this and the other pair of sunglasses I will be reviewing are discontinued, I felt compelled to write a review, not just because of the amazing sunnies, but also because of the customer service I received. This has been the most impressive company I have ever ordered any product from and to be honest, I will recommend this company to anyone looking for a mid-range priced sunnies.

If you are interested in keeping up with the products I’m reviewing or testing out, go ahead and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ciaociao808. You can also follow me on YouTube for express reviews, vlogs, first impressions, and more! However, I haven’t been really able to upload a lot due to the move.

Anyhow let me know if you order from Perverse and what sunnies you bought! I would love to know.



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