March 2017 Favorites

Hi hi hi!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any of my favorites, but since the move, there have been products that I have been reaching for non-stop and have really made a difference in my routine.

I wanted to share some of them with you – I just have to apologize for not having my own pictures for most of these products. If you’re interested in seeing what my favorites are, but don’t have the time to read through it, you can check out my video here!

First off, my favorite thing this month, but is too large to share is my condo. I have to say I was a little hesitant to move out and be on my own, but it has been such a fun adventure and surprisingly I have enjoyed being on my own. Now, with that out of the way, I let’s jump into the favorites that you guys really want to see!

  • Perverse Sunglasses | Olvera (Discontinued)

 photo Photo Apr 01 8 23 43 AM.jpg

I am so sorry for throwing in a discontinued product, but I these have been my absolute favorite throughout the month. I have never found sunnies that I loved as much as these. They have a good weight to them, without feeling heavy on and the frame on them feel extremely durable.

What I love most is the style of them. For me they are the perfect hybrid of three styles that I love – bug-eye, cat eye, and aviators. I have the roundness (bottom) and size of a bug-eye, the angled style of a cat-eye, and the nose pads of aviators. I have always had problems with sunglasses because they were either too big or too small for my face. I could barely pull off aviators and to be honest some aviators were just too small to match my face. Though these are discontinued, there’s a similar pair called Broadway that’s available. I definitely think these are worth the investment because they have amazing styles and, the most important part, they feel like they’re made out of quality material.

  • It’s A 10 | Miracle Leave-In Conditioner

 photo 2218075.jpeg

I have definitely been missing out on all the benefits that this has to offer. I guess it’s because for a while I had been using Aussie Hair Insurance for the longest time. I feel like these are extremely similar, but personally I saw more benefits when I used It’s A 10. My hair not only looked healthier, but it felt healthier and more moisturized. Unfortunately, my hair can be extremely brittle and dry, especially since I’m trying to grow it out. When I used this on a daily basis, my hair felt extremely hydrated and when I ran my hands through it, it felt strong and healthy. Currently I haven’t been able to use it and I can see just how damaged and dry my hair is without it.

  • BIOSSANCE 100% Squalane Oil

 photo s1923564-main-zoom.jpg

Lately my skin has been extremely troublesome. I have been having issues with my skin being so dry that I actually need to use 3 moisturizers to provide some hydration, and even then, my skin is still looking for moisture. It has gotten so bad that my skin is actually flakey (gross I know).

I originally went into Sephora to pick up Clinique’s Moisture Surge, but was recommended this product and was given a sample to try it out. I am an absolute fan of it! At first, I didn’t really want to test out an oil because I have had so many issues with oils in the past. Some broke me out, others made me oilier, and some were way too heavily scented. This is extremely light-weight, non-scented, and provides so much moisture. I believe I’ve been using it for about three weeks and I have actually seen a noticeable difference in my skin’s texture. It’s pretty amazing and though it’s a pricey product, I will be purchasing the full size once I use up my sample.

  • Jesse’s Girl | Highlight & Contour Palette

 photo 85709-websize-with-sleeve-16115434.jpg

To be perfectly honest, even as a blogger, I haven’t tried too many highlight and contour palettes. Though I had won this palette in a contest, I was excited to finally try out a Jesse’s Girl product – I have heard a lot about their products, but had yet to try them. During the first use, I was extremely impressed. I love mixing the yellow and the powder to the left of it because it gives me the highlighted effect along with an almost blurring effect.

I also like how there are varying tones of bronzers because I can pick different ones depending on the look I’m going for. There are ones that look natural enough for me to use when I am going for a no makeup, makeup look and there’s one that I can use when I’m going for a full face look. The best part is that most of them have a neutral undertone which is perfect for any type of contouring. The best part of this palette is the fact that everything is in one palette which makes it easy when you’re traveling or have minimal products.

  • Milani | Conceal and Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation

 photo CONCEAL-PERFECT-10.jpg

This is a rediscovered gem in my collection. Usually I like foundations that are on the thinner side and provide a medium coverage, but this is a foundation that is thicker and provides medium/build-able coverage. I was wanting something that would work well with my BECCA Aqua-Luminous Foundation and this was the first thing that came to mind because it’s thicker than the other foundations I have and it has an extremely matte finish.

I have been mixing a lot of thinner (almost serum-like) foundations with this and I have been loving the finish. I also, mixed in moisturizers a couple of times and it didn’t mess with the formula a lot. In fact it made it easy to apply. The only thing is, is that I feel like it has to be used with some type of makeup sponge like a beauty blender, but as the temperature continues to rise here in Las Vegas, I think I might begin to put it away because it just doesn’t hold up very well to the heat.

  • Makeup Geek | Pan Blush – Main Squeeze

 photo 84b00c28-18e3-407c-856c-123e5966c593.jpg

Let’s talk about easy to use, perfect for every skin tone, affordable blush, because this is it. This is a blush that I can picture anyone and everyone using. The website says it’s a muted coral, but to me, it looks more like a medium toned pinky-coral. I just think that if you’re new to blushes and want to start off with something easy to use, this is the perfect shade.

I have been using it non-stop and it has the perfect amount of pigmentation and it’s easy to blend out. I use it everyday with so many different looks that this is one of those blushes that’s a no-brainer. No matter what type of look I’m going for, I always go to this blush.

Well, this was a long one, but I have to say that though I didn’t have a ton of favorites, these favorites were quality products that I have been truly enjoying. Let me know what your favorites were for the month of March in the comments below! I would love to check out new products. Also, don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram and Twitter: ciaociao808 for updates.




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