Maybelline | The 24K Nudes

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As promised, here’s my review of Maybelline’s newest addition to their Nudes palette line. All the palettes that I have tried from Maybelline, were huge disappointments and I have tried all of them (except for the Graffiti Nudes) and none of them blew my socks off. Now I have this fixation with trying every Nude palette that Maybelline comes out with just to see if it’s any better.

Let’s get into the review and see how this stacks up.

What It Is: 
 photo 83B0A3EF-4103-41EE-861B-742EFE1AC2EA.jpg
“The 24K Nudes Palette features 12 expertly curated hades for custom eye makeup looks.” – Maybelline


$11.99 (depends where you find it)


I’m not overly impressed with this palette. Though I do think the pigmentation is a lot better than the other palettes, I feel like this doesn’t have the variety to create a ton of different looks. On my skin tone, majority of the darker colors just end up looking the same and I felt like there wasn’t enough variety within the actual palette.
 photo D39CCA3A-A6F7-49F1-804E-654347F6E426.jpg
For the price, I don’t feel like this is worth the investment. Even with a base underneath, the shadows don’t last for very long and the darker colors apply pretty patchy. Even with some of the lighter colors – like the ones you use for highlighting underneath your brow, look exactly the same.
 photo AC2792EE-1AA7-4610-951A-5A0E1E3A3249.jpg
To be honest I’m a little frustrated with this palette because I felt like they could have done so much with it, but instead, did the bare minimum. I wanted more variety, especially with the darker colors. I think the main problem I’m running into with a lot of these Maybelline palettes is the fact that they’re not extremely pigmented and they lack staying power, but I think my main frustration is that all the palettes that I have tried lack a variety of colors.
 photo 95B10500-D4B7-46F0-A8CB-37828030918F.jpg

Pigmentation: 7/10

Longevity: 6/10

Texture: 8/10

Application: 6.5/10

Overall: 6.8/10

Let me know if you have tried out this palette in the comments down below! I know it’s an older product, and I thought I had posted a review, but I guess not since this particular post was sitting in my drafts. I hope you guys are having a great week! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@ciaociao808) to stay up to date with the products I’m testing out! Also, you can follow me on YouTube ( for videos on makeup reviews, cooking, etc.!




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