Kleancolor – 5 Color Eyeshadows | Madrid

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Today I’m reviewing an item that I had featured in a recent haul which you can check out here! There’s a whole stigma when it comes to affordable makeup and to be honest, there’s a good reason that people are still hesitant to try cheap makeup. Usually when I see makeup for $1 I am extremely hesitant and I only try brands that I have heard of before.

I found Kleancolor at Daiso, when I was in California, and I have tried out their waterproof liquid felt tip liner and I really loved it. I ended up picking up two more before I left California because I loved them so much. Anyhow, when I stumbled upon Kleancolor while browsing through Miss A’s website I definitely wanted to see what the quality was like with their products. I love to play with color, however, with my job, it’s just not professional to be wearing bright purples, pinks, blues, etc., so I’d rather pick up cheaper products that have a decent payoff where I can play with colors and not feel bad about it sitting in my collection. 

What It Is: “KleanColor’s 5-color eyeshadow palette contains five harmonized shadows that ranging from soft calming shades to rich smoky colors.” – shopmissa.com
 photo 6AEE44AC-7EFA-45EA-85D7-0356DEC281E9.jpg
Price: $1.00

Availability: MissA, select Daiso locations, not sure where else.


I didn’t have any expectations when it came to this product. I figured that the color range was neutral enough to incorporate in my everyday looks and recently I’ve been gravitating more towards the warmer reds and purples. In this palette all five eyeshadow colors are shimmery. photo 7A54E70C-76EB-4ACC-AB80-10915A38B5AE.jpg

  • Color 1: Yellow gold
  • Color 2: Shimmery purple with hints of cranberry
  • Color 3: Burnt peach
  • Color 4: Light purple with a slight hint of taupe
  • Color 5: Light cranberry

Since there are no matte eyeshadows I don’t use this as an all-in-one palette. I actually bring in a lot of colors from other palettes to complete my looks.

The pigmentation on all these colors are sub-par. The lighter colors (4&5) are definitely the worse and end up looking extremely similar to each other. When I try to build the color and dd a second layer, I’m able to see patchy areas along the outer edges of my eyes. The other three colors (1, 2, and 3) have more pigmentation, however, I end up having to build the opacity. I think if you are extremely pale, you might have an easier time getting these shadows to appear, but I do think you will need more than one layer.

With a primer, the longevity isn’t that great, after about 4-5 hours of wear, I can already see the color fading and when I use the lighter colors (like 3 and 4), they go away in a shorter period of time.


Pigmentation: 6/10

Longevity: 6/10

Texture: 7/10

Application: 6/10

Overall: 6.25/10
 photo 9B1418A4-8D67-4DF7-9DEC-35D87BB5ECC6.jpg
If you are looking to incorporate a cheap makeup palette into your collection, I highly suggest passing on this palette. Though the colors are extremely nice and the texture on the product feels great, it lacks longevity and opacity. In my honest opinion, I would suggest looking at Wet n Wild’s palettes. Majority of their palettes are extremely pigmented and the best part is that they are affordable! If that’s still out of your price range, I would suggest looking into Coastal Scents Shadow Pots (click here to check it out). Personally I haven’t tried them, but their shadow pots remind me a lot of other eyeshadow palettes out there like Morphe, Ofra, etc.

Let me know what your favorite affordable colorful palette is! I would love to check it out. If you haven’t already, feel free to follow me here and YouTube for reviews, recipes and life updates. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on products I’m in the process of testing out, products I’m interested, new makeup products, and so much more!




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