Laura Geller | Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator |Diamond Dust

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It’s been such a long time! We had a large convention at work and I ended up getting food poisoning which explains why I’ve been absent for about two weeks. However, I’m back and I wanted to quickly share my thoughts on Laura Geller’s newest and limited edition Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Diamond Dust. In honor of their 20th Anniversary Laura Geller launched an entire collection featuring blushes, lipsticks and a lipgloss.

Alrighty, let’s jump into the actual review! photo 733BC8B4-086B-4BB4-94F6-CEF8F7C1C87B.jpg

Price: $26

What Is It?: “Illuminate your natural beauty! This innovative hybrid texture applies like a sheer powder but feels like a cream, creating a translucent wash of luminous color that can be swept all over the face for a lit-from-within glow. A fresh 3-D design captures the look of our favorite Italian dessert, and lasts until the very last application.
 photo 9E200445-C3E5-4C60-86AD-469DBFF02700.jpg
Diamond Dust: Holographic, pearlescent pink that moves with the light; made with patented technology that allows the shade to flip from violet to pink. ” –

Availability: and
 photo E8375186-9870-40F7-BA9A-1764C1EE6074.jpg

This isn’t my first rodeo with Laura Geller’s Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator. What I loved about the formula is that it’s lightweight and it’s easy to blend. It’s not an extremely “potent” highlighter, but it does have an opacity to it.

When I first tried using Diamond Dust, I was disappointed because it didn’t look like I put anything on. If you follow me on Instagram I posted a short boomerang of me applying it and you can clearly see that it barely showed up, even with my ring-light pointing right at it. I tried to apply it with a lightly damp flat-top brush, but even then it didn’t seem to increase the intensity.
 photo 1AA92479-5582-49A5-8DEB-7E9CC0CD42D1.jpg
After a few layers (about 2-3) I can see the subtle shift from violet to pink with a silver frost. It’s an easy way to wear the “holo” trend (which in my opinion is more of an iridescent trend)  without feeling like you’re going overboard. The product is dry to the touch, but it applies easily. The longevity is decent, but it’s not amazing. I find that the only way to extend the longevity is by using a finishing spray. It also helps to make the iridescent aspect more noticeable.

What I do love about it is the fact that this is a wearable “fun” highlighter. I work in an office, and unfortunately I don’t always have the ability to wear a bunch of “trendy” makeup products, but this is an easy way for me to embrace the trend.


Pigmentation: 5/10

Longevity: 6/10

Texture: 6/10

Application: 6/10

Overall: 5.75/10

 photo 08744808-BA9C-44DF-AC56-1ED055AB0F89.jpg
You can really see the iridescent features in this picture.

I love the concept and idea behind this and I can definitely see this appealing to those who would prefer to have a wearable trendy highlighter. It can be difficult to feel comfortable with trendy highlighters, especially when they are so pigmented. Brands like Becca and Colourpop have trendy highlighters, but they can be extremely pigmented and difficult to blend out.

To be honest, I wouldn’t consider repurchasing it. Though it’s a wearable iridescent highlighter, this isn’t something you need to quickly go out and add to your collection. There isn’t anything extremely unique about this product and since this is following a trend, you’ll be able to find other alternatives.

Have you tried out Diamond Dust from Laura Geller? What are your thoughts because I would love to know! Also, if you’re interested in seeing what products I’m currently testing or using, follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ciaociao808. You can also follow me on YouTube to check out express reviews, vlogs, recipes, and more!




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