MAC Fruity Juicy Collection | Prep + Prime Fix+ and Cremesheen Glass

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If you really know me, you know that I am a sucker for packaging. Whenever I see companies come out with limited edition packaging I have to pick up at least one thing… or sometimes two, or three (if my budget permits). I started seeing glimpses of MAC’s Fruity Juicy collection and fell in love with the packaging. However, I was hesitant because there are a lot of companies who place a decorative sticker on the packaging and call it a day. I patiently waited for some of my favorite beauty bloggers to receive their PR packages and upload their reviews. I was glad to hear that the decorative part didn’t feel like an actual sticker, but felt like it was printed on the actual packaging.

With ALL of that being said, let’s take a look at the two products I picked up!

Prep+Prime Fix+ – Fruity Juicy
 photo 02A30CDE-321A-4B56-9644-2CFA37823665.jpg
I have never tried a MAC Fix+ spray, but I have always been curious about it because to me I thought it was just glorified water. However, I heard all the great thing about it and how versatile it is so I definitely wanted to give it a try. Let me just say the packaging is to die for and I love the weight of it.

However, I’m not a huge fan of it. I’m not sure if it’s because I received a defective product, but the nozzle is horrible. When I first tried to use it, it took almost 2 minutes for me to finally get some product out. So after a couple of test spritz, I tried to spray it on my face and I did it the same way I do all of my sprays; I held it arms length away, sprayed it towards my face and let the mist lightly fall on my face. There were no fine mists, I had blobs of product on my face.
 photo 569B014D-859A-4B93-AE93-A22A41C5EAC3.jpg
The scent is a little off putting for me because although it’s not extremely strong (it’s extremely light), it’s a little off-putting. I can’t really describe the scent except for it having like an extremely light scent and I can’t even really put my finger on what it smells like. This is currently sold out online, however, if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to find this at an actual MAC store.

If this became available again, I would not repurchase it. I didn’t notice it helping my makeup last longer or made any difference for my makeup. It’s just a meh product.

Cremesheen Glass – La Salsa
 photo 077D77FD-819F-410D-B160-72E4A0D2A866.jpg
This is my first Cremesheen Glass that I’ve ever tried from MAC and I have to say I enjoy the formula and this color in particular. La Salsa is described as a “Soft purple,” and shows up on my lips as a berry shade. It is a tad bit tacky, but it’s not extremely uncomfortable because I can still talk without feeling like my lips are sticking together.
 photo 0908B8BF-B2C2-4F43-B625-CCB56621405C.jpg
 photo 4AE61522-5D7D-4B77-9206-9DF0C6B1C6B5.jpg
The application is great because the doe-foot applicator is stiff enough (that’s what she said) to apply a decent layer of product. It’s not going to be as opaque as a liquid lipstick, but you will get a tint of color. Personally, I love how this meshes with the natural color of my lips because it ends up coming off darker, but bright enough for Spring/Summer.
 photo 74B127FA-BB6E-4811-BC8D-E349BEF4EE35.jpg
The only thing I don’t like is that after the product wears off, my lips feel drier and tackier. It’s uncomfortable because everytime I talk it feels like my lips are constantly peeling and the gross pieces are sticking together. This reminds me a lot of Rimmel’s Oh My Gloss – it wears basically the same and once it fades, it leaves my lips feeling tacky and dry. If you’re interested in picking this up, unfortunately it’s also sold out online. However, just like the Fix+, you might be able to find it in stores.

Have you picked up anything from MAC’s Fruity Juicy collection? If so, what did you pick up? Personally I decided to pass on picking up any of the eyeshadow palettes because from the swatches I’ve seen, it wasn’t anything impressive and the beauty powders weren’t anything exciting. Let me know your thoughts on this collection or the products that you’ve tried in the comments down below! You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ciaociao808 to keep up with me! You can also follow me on YouTube, where I try to post vlogs, express reviews,  and more!



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