Revlon|ColorStay Creme Eye Shadow|720 – Chocolate

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Today’s review is focusing on a product that I got from Revlon’s Sampling Club. If you haven’t heard about Revlon Sampling Club, all you do is sign up for an account, pick your free full-size sample product, and review it! Very simple. Anyhow I picked this particular product because I was originally curious about it; I passed by it a few times at Target and Walmart, but I always passed on it because creme eye shadow never really lasts on me. If you’re interested in reading my thoughts, the let’s jump in!

What Is It?: Luxurious, longwear crème eye shadow with a pro-inspired built-in-brush designed for easy, mess free application. Wears up to 24 hours.”
Price: $6.96-$7.99

Availability: Walmart, Target, Ulta Beauty, other drug stores…


Now before I go into my thoughts about this product, I need to take a moment and talk about my eyes. On my lids I have scars on my lashline, so it’s difficult for me to use creme products and certain eyeliners. The scars tend to hold oil and it can easily break down a creme eye shadow, regular eye shadow and eyeliner. So it’s safe to say that I already didn’t have high hopes for this product, but girl… I was shookith because it literally stayed on all day!
Untitled I have never had a creme product (like this) stay all day. I have always strayed away from these types of products because it’s just so difficult for me to use and I end up using it as a colored base underneath regular eye shadows. The formulas always felt too emollient or waxy to stay put all day. I have tried some that dry down to a powder-like finish, but the oils of my lids would easily break it down after about three hours of wear. Let’s just say when I first felt the product, I didn’t have high hopes. It felt extremely waxy and so slick that it felt like I wouldn’t pick up any color. However, when I looked at my finger, I was shocked with how much color was picked up and when I started to apply it on my lids, I was event more shocked with how easily it applied. Like most creme products, it didn’t apply evenly in one coat, but since it dried down to a matte/dry-to-the-touch finish, it was easy to layer on even more product. It took two layers for it to be fully opaque on my lids and surprisingly I was able to kind of blend it out. Since it dries down pretty quickly it’s tough to really get a seamless blend, but it’s important to lay down a transition color before applying to assist with the blending. Then as you apply it, use your fingers to blend out the edges and then you can use a traditional crease color to assist more with the blending. Untitled
The longevity is amazing and it will last me 10+ hours without fail. However, I do notice that sometimes there are areas that will fade away, mainly the inner corners for me because that’s where I usually rub my eyes when I’m stressed at work. I have also noticed that after about 6 hours of wear, the color isn’t as intense; it’s still there and still looks opaque, but just not as vibrant.

Pigmentation: 10/10

Longevity: 9/10

Texture: 10/10

Application: 8.5/10

Overall: 9.38/10

This is a product that I know I will continue to use and keep in my main rotation because it’s just so easy to use and it lasts basically all day. I have found myself using this when I’m running late in the mornings and it just makes my morning routine so quick and easy. Have you tried any of Revlon’s Creme Eye Shadows? What are your thoughts? What colors have you tried? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re interested in seeing the products I’m testing/trying out or things that I’ve picked up, go ahead and follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @ciaociao808. You can also check out my YouTube channel where I have been uploading express reviews, vlogs, first impressions, etc.

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