[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – Out of Control! – January 4, 2018

Hi hi hi!

It’s almost Friday, and I am almost done with my first week of keto! I have to admit that going into today, I already knew that it would be a semi-cheat day because on Thursdays I usually go out to eat with my family. Now it’s not that I go crazy and I order a plate of pasta or anything like that, but it’s the dang fried calamari that always gets me. Anyhow, let’s get into what I ate today!



I wanted to start using up some of the chicken pesto casserole so I decided to have about three tablespoons of it with some eggs and avocados. Of course I had to add Cholula on top to make everything even tastier. Nothing too crazy, but it definitely kept me full for majority of the morning.

No mid-morning snack.


I brought a small serving of my roasted cauliflower and carrots as well as some pan-seared brussel sprouts with a couple scoops of my chicken pesto casserole. Of course, I didn’t take a picture of it, but it wasn’t anything exciting. Hint: I’m probably going to have this same lunch tomorrow.

Mid-Afternoon Snack:

I had one string cheese – super crazy right?!

Pre-Dinner Snack:

IMG_6367.jpgI had the remaining half of my Kind bar.



Alright, this is where I went a little crazy. Every (almost every) Thursday, my family and I go to our local casino’s coffee shop and have dinner. We always get an order (or two) of their fried calamari which is my absolute favorite. This is where I broke down and decided to enjoy my dinner and have some calamari, but that was just the appetizer. For my actual dinner I ordered the barbecue chicken salad. It’s my favorite thing on their menu and I get it almost every single time we go there. It’s a bunch of different greens, mixed with a barbecue ranch dressing, topped with grilled chicken, a sprinkling of fried onion strips, avocado and cherry tomatoes.

Today was a pretty tame day in regards to the amount of food that I ate. It helped that I had a meeting from 10:00am-noon. I was expecting to feel extremely sick with eating the fried calamari, but surprisingly, I didn’t feel sick from eating the calamari and I didn’t overdo it with the amount of calamari I ate. I also noticed that I wasn’t overly full from dinner either.

I am still waiting to get my keto powder in the mail and trust me, once I get that in I will definitely update with a first impression! I AM IMPATIENTLY WAITING.




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