[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – FriYAY! – January 5, 2018

Hi hi hi!

Sorry this food diary is going up late, but I usually spend most of my Saturdays hanging out with the boyfriend and we try to focus on each other rather than our devices. Anyhow, as I watch the Atlanta/Rams game, I thought I would take this time to post my food diary for Friday.


Sorry it’s not an appetizing picture, but look at all that excess dressing!

I usually always have leftovers from dinner on Thursdays, so I decided to just eat that for breakfast. Surprisingly it kept me fueled for majority of the morning; so fueled that I didn’t even really think about eating anything till noon. I also had my usual morning cup of coffee (yummy)!

No mid-morning snack


Of course I didn’t picture my lunch, but I brought about less than a quarter cup of my roasted carrots and cauliflower, about 3 brussel sprouts and about 3 heaping tablespoons of my chicken pesto casserole. As small as that amount of food sounds, it actually kept me satiated for most of the day. It wasn’t till I was driving home did I begin to feel hungry.

Early-evening snack:

IMG_6371.jpgAs I was driving home I decided to have my boiled egg – sadly, I had no salt to add to it.


IMG_6372.jpgOne of our Friday night traditions is pho, so we went to our favorite pho restaurants and had a bowl. I had a small #16; I’m not sure exactly the cuts of meat that are included in the #16, but whatever it is it’s delicious. Pho Saigon 8 has the best pho I’ve tried (yet) – the broth is just so rich and hearty and at this location, I usually get more meat than noodles! Anyhow, I cut back on the amount of hoisin sauce I put in because I figured there was probably a lot of sugar and gluten in it and I added my usual amount of sriracha and lime.

Late Night Snack:

I’m not sure if this counts as a snack, but I had a 10 oz. cup of coffee with >1T of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Hazelnut Powder, and about 2T of vanilla coffee creamer (frothed).

Today I received my keto supplement and it’s a lot different than I thought it would be. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will keep you guys updated with how it helps me perform. I’m thinking about alternating between this keto supplement and Pruvit’s supplement to help make the Pruvit supplement last longer since it’s more expensive.

Anyhow, I will recap my first week of Keto in a separate post so I don’t bore you anymore. I hope you guys had a great week! As usual, please share your experience with the keto diet below in the comments or if you have a great keto recipe, I’d also love to try it out!




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