[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – January 8, 2018

Hi hi hi!

So I think I’m not going to post any food diaries on the weekends. It’s too tough to capture everything, especially when it’s all in the moment. However, I have to say that I was pretty good this weekend. For the most part I stayed away from heavy carbs and sugars, except for Sunday. Sunday I indulged a bit and had ½ a slice of banana bread, 1 cheese ragoon, and some palabok (a Filipino dish made with rice noodles). Anyhow, it’s Monday, so let’s jump into the food diary.

Pre-Breakfast: This morning I actually found the motivation to get my butt to the gym, but before that I mixed ½ scoop of my pre-workout with 1 scoop of my keto supplement and 4 oz of water. Chugged it down, drank a little more water and headed off to the gym for a quick 30 minute session. At the gym I spent 15 minutes on the treadmill walking at a quick pace and then finished off with 15 minutes with weights and some machines focusing on the arms.

Breakfast: IMG_6375.jpgOnce I got back, I chugged a bunch of water and reheated some leftover eggs cooked with tomatoes and 3 sausages. Of course, I had to have my cup of coffee made the same way as usual. I didn’t think you needed to see a picture of my coffee, because trust me, it’s not that exciting.

No mid-morning snack: However, I did take another scoop of my keto supplement mixed with some water.

Lunch: IMG_6378.jpgSo, I’m still trying to finish up my pesto casserole leftover (it’s like it’s multiplying), so I brought some of that with roasted cauliflower and carrots, pan-seared brussel sprouts and some seared mushrooms, olives and tomatoes.

Mid-evening snack: IMG_6379.jpgI decided to munch on ½ of a small Fuji apple and some of my almonds. In regards to my almonds, I mixed together dry roasted salted almonds (0.5oz) and cocoa dusted almonds (0.5oz) to cut down on the amount of carbs and sugars. I also finished up some leftover eggs that I had sitting in my fridge. IMG_6384.jpg

Dinner: IMG_6386.jpgI really wanted to try this zoodles carbonara recipe. I had already prepped my zoodles ahead of time and everything else came together fairly quickly and easily. I decided to cut the recipe in half since I still had a bunch of leftovers to work through. I topped it off with mozzarella cheese and some pepperoni for added substance. 

Evening Snack: I know it’s not really a snack, but I had a cup of coffee to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Energy: I thought that waking up early would lead me to crash at about 2:00pm, but to my surprise, I wasn’t that tired. We will see if I can get my butt out of bed tomorrow to go to the gym.

Anyhow, that’s all I have for today! As always, let me know if you tried the keto diet or if you have any great keto recipes that I can try! I am currently looking for keto friendly dessert recipes!




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