[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – What Day Is It?! – January 11, 2018

Hi hi hi!

It’s your lucky day – you get to read about my keto diet twice! I hope you guys had a great Thursday, and in all seriousness, thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I had a late start to today (got home a little later than usual last night), which also means, I’m pretty tired. Anyhow, let’s get in to the food!


Soooooo I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast from today, but I will insert a picture of yesterday’s breakfast, except a little smaller because I ate dinner late last night and I wasn’t that hungry this morning. I wanted to make sure my body had fuel and I wasn’t running on fumes during work.

No mid-morning snack.


The day that I forget to take a picture of my breakfast, I remember to take a picture of my lunch, go figure. Anyhow, today’s lunch was smaller than usual – I finally used up my roasted veggies. Thankfully, I had some frozen asparagus that I used to bulk up my lunch as well as a hard boiled egg.

Driving home snack:

Of course, I had to have my little baggy of almonds. I’m seriously loving the mix of the two different ones. They are so yummy and not to mention filling!


Since it’s Thursday, you know what that means… a lot of carbs from my favorite fried calamari. In my opinion, it’s always worth it! We had more food credit than usual to spend, so I ordered a petite prime rib (I believe it’s 6 oz.) cooked medium rare with veggies and fries. I didn’t eat any of the fries, but I did give them to my sister since she usually gets fries from everyone else. It also came with a soup or salad and I just wasn’t feeling the salad, so I got the turkey chili, which wasn’t that great (very salty).

Can you believe they call this their “Petite Cut”?!



I was actually able to go to the gym for about half an hour and I just stayed on the treadmill since someone was using my favorite machines. It was nice to be able to do something rather than just wait around to leave. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too tired after my mini-gym session, but by the time I got home, I was extremely sleepy. Yesterday, Thursday, was the first time where I wasn’t extremely stressed out. My grandpa was more stable and back to his almost normal self, and I think my body was just exhausted from it all. As I type this, it’s Friday, and this morning I was actually extremely sleepy. Even going about my day today, I’m sleepy. I’m hoping that once I recover a little bit, I will be back to my energetic self.




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