[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – Leg Day Sucks – January 17, 2018

Hi hi hi!

Oh my goodness my poor legs! I really need to get better at stretching after a workout because it was hell to get out of bed. Really though, it’s my own fault. Anyhow, besides my dramatic intro, I hope you guys had a great Wednesday. We are half-way through the week and I am half-way through my third week of keto! It’s exciting to think that it’s been only three weeks, because it really doesn’t feel like it.

Absolutely no exercise for me this morning! I had league tonight so I didn’t want to overdo it.


1/2 Cup of white Jasmine rice and leftover cauliflower fried rice.

Of course I had my NutraKey Ketones with water and I also had my usual scramble. I promise the more repetitive my food diary becomes the less I’ll post about it. To add a little added something, I tossed in some of my cauliflower fried rice. 

The missing part is what I ended up eating.

No mid-morning snack.


… the usual.

Afternoon snack:

IMG_6494.jpgI needed to take my Ketone OS, but like I had mentioned in a previous post, the Orange Dream flavor I have is too sweet for me, so I decided to have my almonds to help it go down. It helped a lot, but I did feel a little sick afterwards. I was going to eat the hard boiled egg, but I was full before I could get to it.


I forgot how much I love egg salad!

I wasn’t that hungry when I got home from bowling, so I used my hard boiled egg and made a simple egg salad. I had already salted the egg, so I just added some mayonnaise and put it in a Sweet Hawaiian Roll. Amazingly delicious!


Besides my legs being sore, I felt pretty good throughout the day. Though I really just needed to move around to stretch out my legs, I wasn’t able to. I did try to stretch at my desk, but it would just tighten up after sitting down. I think from now on, I will skip leg day because it’s just too much strain on my everyday life.


I think my energy is beginning to plateau a lot, but with that being said, I co tinyally to feel motivated. I have been watching a lot of fitness vloggers on YouTube and they continually inspire me to keep pushing and keep going. Here’s the catch, with bowling taking place on Wednesdayss and Fridays, I don’t think I will be able to hit the gym as hard as I want to. The soreness just lasts too long and really messes up my bowling.

In all honesty I really want to push myself at the gym but I just can’t deal with the pain lasting 2 days afterwards. If you have any advice, please let me know! I’m sure eventually I won’t be dealing with the pain a lot, but right now it’s kinda interfering with my side hustle.




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