[Recipe] Keto Diet – Chicken Pesto Casserole

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I wanted to share a recipe that I love! I only tried it once, but once was more than enough for me to fall in love with it. Since going on the keto diet, I needed to arm myself with recipes that would be easy to follow and easy to prepare. One of the biggest things that always gets me in trouble with diets is that if I don’t have things readily available for me to eat, I will eat whatever I want.

I tried this recipe during my first week on the keto diet and absolutely fell in love with it. For the original recipe click here.

IMG_6350.jpgWhat intrigued me the most about this particular recipe is that it incorporated two things I love – chicken and pesto. I took out a lot of the prep time by pre-cutting my chicken breasts and having them thawed and ready to go. Now I’m not going to put the whole recipe and steps here, because you should definitely check out the link above, but I thought I would review the recipe.

The recipe itself is easy to follow, but I was confused about the amount of olives to include. If you decide to recreate the recipe I highly suggest: 

  • Use sun-dried tomato pesto instead of basil. Though it did taste good, I feel like the sun-dried tomato pesto would have provided a richer taste.
  • Quarter your olives. The recipe wasn’t too specific regarding the olives. It just said 8 tablespoons of olives. I, of course, just kept putting enough olives till it looked like I would have a few olives in every bite.
  • More feta cheese. I didn’t realize just how much flavor the feta cheese would add; I only added in about 3/4 of the amount the recipe called for because I just didn’t buy enough, but I would highly suggest using the suggested amount. The amount needed seems like a lot, but it helps the whole casserole stick together and provides an added saltiness.
  • Bake in a smaller pan. The recipe never really mentioned how big of a pan was needed to bake the casserole, so I figured maybe a 9″x13″ pan would be big enough. It actually ended up being a bit too big. I didn’t mind it because it was more surface area that was exposed so a lot of it was nice bubbly and brown, but I felt like it lost a lot of its volume.
  • Adding a crunchy topping. I would love to figure out a great keto friendly topping that I could put on this casserole as it bakes – on most casseroles and baked entrees a lot of times it’s finished off with a panko/butter topping to add a different texture. I wanted to put something on this, but I really wasn’t sure what would be okay to add that is keto friendly. IMG_6378.jpg

The entire casserole dish lasted me about a week and a half. I truly enjoyed having all the leftovers because it made it extremely easy to meal prep and stay on track with my diet. Now the recipe I used said it was 4 servings, but once I dished myself out what I thought was a serving, it was way too much.

If you enjoy this recipe, you can use it as a base for a lot of other recipes. For example, you can use the same amount of chicken, add some cooked bacon, veggies, etc. and place the heavy cream on the stove to reduce, add some cheese and seasonings and you have yourself another easy casserole.

Let me know if you give this recipe a try or if you have another keto casserole recipe that you would like to share in the comments below! You can also follow me on Instagram (@ciaociao808) and YouTube (youtube.com/msluvly1234) where I post mroe updates.






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