[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – Update – 3 Full Weeks In

Hi hi hi!

It has been a little bit since I posted, maybe, a week?? I have been pretty busy with life in general and I have been staying strong on the diet. I’m telling you, the longer you go, the more difficult it is to fall back into your bad routines.

Anyhow, I wanted to share a few quick updates regarding the keto diet.


I have recently had a really big scare. This is going to be a little TMI so I will highlight the TMI parts in italics, so that way if you don’t want to read it, you can simply pass it. Anyhow, I have been on birth control pills for almost 4 years and I am always really good with taking it at the same time everyday. I was in my second to the last row of pills when I started noticing a cramp-like sensation. It wasn’t as extreme as my menstrual cramps, but it was still a little alarming. I figured, since I am supposed to start my cycle next week, it’s a new normal that I would need to get used to. Then I started noticing some blood in my discharge.

This really freaked me out because it came along with stronger cramps. Now this was on Tuesday, 1/24, and I wasn’t supposed to start my cycle until at least Wednesday, 1/31. As you can imagine, I was extremely scared. The worst part was that I couldn’t take off from work because we were just so short-handed. I did some digging and apparently the keto diet can cause weird menstrual cycles/patterns, even if you are on the pill. I actually ended up getting my aunt flow on Saturday, 1/27 and it was almost like the flows that I had prior. Sharp abdominal pains along with cramps, heavy flow, etc.

My boyfriend knew how much my flow affected my everyday life and he didn’t want me to have to go through all of it again. I mean, that’s the whole reason that I’m on the pill in the first place, but my weight is something that has been such a big issue for me that I just can’t see myself stopping. I am hoping to go to my OBGYN and talk to her about it. If I do end up going, I will also be bringing my keto supplements so she can take a look and give me some advice.

Besides that scary episode, my health has been doing great, in my opinion. I have been really working hard to stick with a gym routine and continue to push myself in the gym. However, I am limited when it comes to how far I do some of my exercises because of my bowling schedule.

This past Sunday, 1/28, I bowled my first tournament since mid-last year (I think). It was 2 squads, 4 games each. I was interested to see how I would hold up since I typically don’t eat throughout the entire tournament. I was satisfied about my overall performance and I didn’t feel like I was starving, like I usually am. I also didn’t feel a lot of fatigue which was great because it allowed me to really concentrate on every shot.IMG_6549.jpg

The only thing that has deterred me was how sore my back was afterwards. I am really wanting to focus on my back and arms in the gym, but I just am at a loss as to really good back exercises on the machines I have access to.



There are a few recipes that I’m wanting to try and I am just at the end of my roasted veggies and chicken casserole. The main one that I’m really excited for is a shrimp alfredo casserole with spaghetti squash, yum! I also made myself mabo tofu which is a Chinese dish with tofu (obviously) and ground meat of your choice. I wanted to try some veggie crumbles that I picked up at Walmart a week ago, and it was absolutely delicious!

This is my favorite brand and the one I use.

Mabo tofu is one of my favorite dishes and I thought that on this diet I wouldn’t be able to eat it because typically most Asian sauces tend to have a lot of sugars and carbs, but this ended up being pretty good in terms of macros.

I am hoping to start branching out in terms of recipes and what I have been eating, but since I don’t have a holiday coming up soon, I’m not sure how I will be able to meal prep. Also, I am continually on the search for really good dessert recipes, so if you have some to share, leave it in the comments!


My progress seems to be hitting a wall, which is why I want to begin incorporating different foods into my diet. I definitely think this will definitely help my body because it will force it to digest a little differently.

Work has been pretty stressful so I’m sure that isn’t helping with the weight loss/progress. However, I continue to just push myself simply because I can feel the progress and I am loving the way I’m feeling.




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