[Beauty] Huda Beauty – Mauve Obsessions

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Time to switch things up a bit. I have been blogging a lot about my keto diet, I haven’t had a chance to post anything about beauty/makeup products! I wanted to take some time to talk about the Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions palette. I picked it up around the holidays because it’s a great deal for what you get and I had heard a lot of great things about Huda Beauty’s eyeshadows, so I thought I would give it a try. IMG_6391.jpg

Overall, I was not impressed with the quality of the shadows. As much as I love this color scheme, I just felt that the color payoff just wasn’t what I was expecting. Palette contains a total of 9 eyeshadows, 6 matte shades and 3 shimmers. The combination of colors are right up my alley and I truly enjoy the overall look that the mattes give. However, my biggest gripe is with the shimmery shades. As beautiful as they are in the palette, I just feel like the base color doesn’t stick to my lids and I’m just left with patches of shimmer all over my eye.IMG_6395.jpg

When it comes to eyeshadows, I don’t really consider myself a novice and to be honest, I have worked with a variety of eyeshadows. For some reason, this palette just frustrates me every time I use it. I just find that no matter what I do, I just can’t seem to get the colors to set. I don’t even try to create difficult looks with it, but just trying to blend a matte on top of a matte? Good luck. I’m hoping that I may have just gotten a bad batch, because I truly think that this could be a great eyeshadow palette for those who love mauve and cranberry tones, but if the quality and application is truly like this? I really don’t think it’s worth the money. IMG_6394.jpg

Below is an extremely simple look that I did with the eyeshadow palette and you can immediately see some of my natural skin tone peeking through all the eyeshadow. This was my third time trying out the palette and I was already running a little late for work because it just took so long to get something decent out of these shadows.

This bottom picture is right when I came home from an 8 hour day at work. The eyeshadows weren’t as concentrated and on my right eye, it actually looked like it had faded off. **Note: Please ignore the wonky eyeliner. I have scars on my eyelids next to my lashline which is why wearing eyeliner is almost impossible.**


I have tried everything I could think of to get these eyeshadows to work for me, but nothing seems to do the trick. When it comes to the mattes I try to use a lighter hand, apply them last, lightly blend them out, etc., but every time I try to layer on a little more, it looks like I just kicked up the original layer I put down. I have tried extremely precise brushes, wide fluffy brushes, hell, I even took a flat shader brush to the mattes to try to get them to work in my crease, but nothing seemed to work.

In regards to the shimmery colors, I have also tried everything there too. I’ve tried a dry stiff flat brush, a fluffier brush, a damp brush, my fingers, and nothing seems to pack on the eyeshadow. Every time I put it on, I feel like I’m only getting the shimmer and no color at all.


I’m not sure why, but in the swatches the colors look great, but during application it’s a different story. This is why I can never really tryst swatches. It looks great when you force it to be concentrated, but you never really know till you take a brush to it.

Rating: 5/10 If you’re interested in buying it from Sephora, click here!

I am curious about Huda Beauty’s Warm Brown Obsessions palette, but after experiencing the quality of this one, I’m not sure if I want to invest the money…

Let me know if you have tried this palette and what your thoughts on it are! Also, if you have any tips for using this particular palette, let me know what you do in the comments down below.




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