[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – Cheat Day – Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hi hi hi!

Welp, I’m just going to cut straight to the point. On Saturday, I had a cheat day. I have mentioned this multiple times, but on the weekend I am not as strict with myself regarding my diet as I am on the weekdays. However, I do still try to eat relatively keto and avoid as much carbs and sugars as possible, but if I have it for one or two meals over the weekend I don’t feel extremely guilty. However, this past Saturday, no effs were given.

I had to start my day off taking my ketones. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to be eating ketone meals, I didn’t want to completely shock my system. So I figured that if I take my ketones, it will help my body with the digestion.

Growing up in Hawaii, spam musubis are life, and I woke up craving a teriyaki spam musubi. So I made 3 regular ones and 3 teriyaki ones. It was so ono (delicious) I had two of them! #noregrets. I enjoyed every bit of it even though it did take me a while to make.IMG_6717


We did some grocery shopping after stopping by our local bowling pro shop and I picked up this Japanese sweet bun with chocolate swirled in it. Honestly it’s not really something that I would purchase again, but it was still okay. I ended up not eating the whole thing because I knew it would make me feel sick since it’s straight up carbs.IMG_6719


After doing our first round of grocery shopping, we went back home and took a nap. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about grocery shopping, but it just sucks the living life right out of me. Before we headed out to do our second round of grocery shopping, I had another musubi.


For dinner, it was such a treat. We had Chik-fil-a and I had an 8-piece nugget meal with Dr. Pepper and of course the famous chik-fil-a sauce. I forgot how much I like the sauce, but that’s about it. I wanted to see if my opinion regarding Chik-Fil-A had changed, but I still think it’s okay.IMG_6720.JPG


From our recent grocery shopping adventure, I picked up a pack of string cheese. I love my cheese and I had to have one just because everyone should end their night with some string cheese.IMG_6721

Energy, Digesting, Overall

As I was going about my day, I constantly felt hungry. It was almost as if I never had enough food, although clearly, I had all my meals. I began to realize why I would overeat before and it’s because a lot of these meals were filled with simple carbs, so it broke down faster and never really gave my body something to continually digest. Throughout the day I felt extremely bloated and lethargic. It felt like I was trying to function in a haze and even the day seemed to go by in a haze.

When I woke up on Sunday, I just wanted meat. I wanted protein and veggies. However, I got coffee and a banana at church – haha. As I type this up on Monday, I woke up feeling not like myself. I thought the gym might help, but it made me feel more lethargic. So I figured my shower would help, nope. Then I figured, I just need to eat something to get my body going, boy, I regret eating breakfast. I just felt sick and my stomach was so sore that I just needed to lay down for a bit, but I couldn’t because I was at work. The day was just too long and though I wish I could have just gone home, I stuck it out. 

As I’m getting ready to post this (Thursday) my stomach is still recovering from all the carbs I took in. Seriously, it has taken me a few days to recover from this crazy day.

I don’t think I will be doing any crazy cheat days like this for a bit. It’s just too tough for my body to recover from and I just feel way too sick to function. 




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