Tip Thursday – Off The Scale Victories

Hi hi hi!

I wanted to share an important tip as you go about your healthy lifestyle/weightloss journey. In my opinion this is one of the biggest tips I suggest that you follow. There’s one more I want to share, but I’m going to focus on this one today and it’s celebrating off the scale victories. I mentioned it before, but I have no plans of owning a scale any time soon. We just get so focused on the number and trying to hit a specific number that we sometimes start to adapt unhealthy habits. I have been through eating disorders and I know what the scale can do to me mentally, which is why I opt to not have one.


Since I don’t have a scale, I’m able to focus more on the physical changes that are taking place. These are called off the scale victories – things that numbers don’t always reflect. Things that are considered off the scale victories can include:

  • Setting new records for yourself in the gym
  • Being able to fit into something
  • Clothes being too big
  • Seeing more muscle definition
  • More stamina

There are so many things that count as off the scale victories and this is why I hate scales, because a scale doesn’t always reflect these types of victories/gains.

About a year and a half ago I bought myself new work pants from Old Navy, they were cute and it was on sale for about $8, amazing deal right?! Well, I ordered it online and when I finally got them home and tried them on, my heart sunk. They were tight, but I decided to wear them to work. I remember having to suck in my stomach as much as I could and hike it so high up to the smallest part of my abdomen just to get it buttoned. I had such a bad cameltoe, but there was no time to change. The entire work day was like a mini hell for me. I was uncomfortable and the band on my pants kept digging into my stomach. Once I got home, I took the pants off and all around my stomach was just this red line from my pants.

Today as I’m typing this, I was able to put them on with no problem. They buttoned without me having to squeeze/suck in everything and were extremely comfortable throughout the day.IMG_6752

Definitely feeling myself! Love how slim they made my legs look!

This is an off the scale victory for me and the wonderful thing is that on your healthy lifestyle/weightloss journey, you will have your own off the scale victories. Don’t ignore them! Rejoice in them because that is your hard work manifesting itself into physical changes. These are the things that scales don’t always tell you. If you ignore these things and just focus simply at the numbers you see, you end up either discouraging yourself or disappointing yourself. When you focus on seeing these little victories, you are going to be motivated to continue with your progress and you will want to keep pushing yourself because what you are doing counts!

Celebrate these little victories and don’t focus so much on the scale.




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