[Lifestyle] Tip Thursday – Snacks

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Welcome to another Tip Thursday, today it’s all about snacking. I had alluded in my previous Tip Thursday post that this is the area that I struggled with on all my diets. There’s just something so tempting about just having a little something, but in reality it really adds up.

Snacks are always a tricky thing. They seem so small and innocent, but they can really damage your progress if you’re not careful. I wanted to share some of my favorite snacks that I love to munch on, but keep in mind, this is all in moderation. I will be sharing how much of each I eat and what it adds up to.

KIND Mini BarsIMG_6660.JPG

If you don’t follow me on Instagram (ciaociao808), you missed out on my life changing discovery, which are KIND Mini Bars. Now, you’re probably looking at the below picture and shaking your head thinking, “Aren’t they just half the size of the regular bars? Why can’t you just eat half a bar?” Yes, they’re just half the size of a regular bar and I don’t have self-control (obviously) which is why I buy the minis. When I eat only half the bar, psychologically, I know the other half is there, even when it’s out of sight, I know that I have half a bar left.

Anyhow, if you have no self control like I do, I want to introduce you to the minis. These are great because you have 10 in a box and they are about $5 – not too bad for a “healthy” treat. Whenever I begin to crave something sweet or chocolate in particular, I start munching on one of these and my craving is usually satisfied. Here is the nutrition label. Overall, it’s pretty good, but like all things too much will push you over the limit. If you are like me and you are usually grazing as you cook dinner, keep these out of your sight! Hide them in your pantry or cabinet that way you’re not tempted to eat more than one.


These are amazing at curbing appetite. I buy two different versions: Roasted Salted and Choco Dusted. The salted versions helps me in regards to drinking more water and the choco dusted curbs any sweet cravings. If you’re wondering, I constantly crave sweet things – what can I say, I have a huge sweet tooth!

However, don’t be fooled by this healthy snack. The macros on these aren’t the greatest, but I know people who will eat handfuls of this thinking that they are choosing a healthy alternative. Everything in moderation my dears! I buy my almonds from Trader Joes and I separate them into these little Zipbloc bags. Each serving is half of the suggested serving on the package and I weight my almonds out to ensure that I am intaking the correct amount.

Hard Boiled EggsIMG_6333.jpg

Is it weird that I can already smell the stink? Hard boiled eggs are a great option to pack in a ton of protein while on the go. I love to boil about 5-6 eggs all at once, peel them and keep it in a container lined with a napkin (to retain majority of the moisture). Then in the mornings when I prepare my lunch bag, I just grab an egg, put it in a little baggy and I have a quick snack!

Also, I love having hard boiled eggs on hand because if I ever need a quick meal, I grab one egg, about a tablespoon or so of mayo, some salt and pepper, a little hot sauce mix/mash it up and I have an easy egg salad.

String CheeseIMG_6721

Ugh! This is one of my favorite snacks to have because I love cheese. Now, it’s not the greatest snack because of the macros and let’s just be blatantly honest, it’s not filling by any means. However, it’s a great snack to have when you are at the office and aren’t quite ready for your lunch.

These are my favorite go to snacks and the best part is that majority of these are either pre-packaged or I can make ahead and just pack them up when I need them. There are two things you need to keep in mind when picking out your snacks: Nutrition label and moderation. Be aware of what you are buying and the suggested serving size – the nutrition label is there to help you, so don’t ignore it. Even the healthiest snack can be bad for you when it’s not eaten in moderation.

Here are some other tips:

  • Have snacks ready to go for a busy day
  • Don’t be afraid to bring 3-4 snacks with you throughout the day – better to eat those than be tempted to pick up fast food
  • Buy what you will eat! Don’t just buy something because it’s trendy, you won’t eat it and if it’s the only snack you have, guess what, you will want to buy something else.
  • Options, options, options! The more options you have regarding your snacks the less bored you will feel on your diet.

These snacks work for me and the diet that I am on. They may not necessarily fit all diets out there, but I definitely think they are great options. Let me know what your favorite snacks are in the comments below! Since I can’t update the blog daily, you can keep up with me on my Instagram @ciaociao808.



**As always – I am not a healthcare professional. I am just sharing what has worked for me on my healthy lifestyle journey. Please consult your own healthcare provider in regards to your own diet and health needs.**


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