[Lifestyle] Log Out – It’s Ruining You

Hi hi hi!

Today’s post is going to be a little serious talk here. Not because I think I know everything, but because along my healthy lifestyle journey, it has affected me and my progress. Believe it or not, it’s social media. 

Social media can be a great place to find inspiration and motivation, but it can also be a dangerous place as well. Social media is often a place where everyone shares their highlight reel – it’s always the good and hardly ever the bad. As we scroll through our feeds, we see what everybody is accomplishing: new jobs, amazing date nights, DIYs, weddings, babies, etc. Everyone shares the best parts of life. Of course, I fall in that trap too. I love to share the good things because I want people to notice it and acknowledge it, but as we all know life isn’t always about the rainbows and butterflies.

The reason I bring this whole thing up is because one night I was scrolling through this Facebook group I was added to and it was all about the keto diet. It’s a great place to ask questions regarding recipes, first steps, etc., however I found myself looking at a bunch of the before and after pictures thinking, “Why haven’t I seen that type of weight loss?” Of course I felt discouraged and I began to think that maybe I’m just not fit to do the keto diet, that maybe this whole thing was a mistake. So I went back to my regular Facebook feed and started scrolling again. pexels-photo-607812.jpeg

I stumbled upon a bunch of posts that this one page I follow shared and it was all before and after pictures of these women who followed a fitness program, and again all I could think about was, “Why isn’t that me?” So I closed Facebook and decided to jump on Instagram. Again, I was flooded with posts of people showing of the new clothes they bought, their weight loss update, etc. and all I could think was, “Why isn’t this me?!” The further I went into my feed the more jealous I became – I  could feel the this burning sensation in my chest and this anger just kept building up inside of me and I would repeatedly ask myself, “Why not me?!”

What it boils down to is that social media is great, but you can’t forget your own progress. When we begin to compare ourselves to everyone’s highlight reel, we neglect how far we came and all the obstacles we overcame. You have an amazing highlight reel and you don’t have to display it for the world to see, but I encourage you to take a moment everyday to just find the small things that you are thankful for. Whether it be being able to enjoy a cup of coffee in a quiet house, the fact that being stuck in traffic allows you to watch the sunrise, or maybe it’s being able to get through a grueling workout. Take a moment and count out everything you are thankful for. You will realize that there is no picture, no amount of characters, no caption that will fully capture your highlight reel. pexels-photo-877701.jpegSo when you begin to ask yourself, “Why not me?” log off and begin to count.



**These opinions are my own. By no mean am I any type of professional in this field. I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions.**


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