[Lifestyle] In The Kitchen – Keto Pizza… Yum?

Hi hi hi!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I worked on this on Wednesday night and I was planning to get this post up, but I was just too tired. As you know Wednesday and Friday nights are bowling league nights and on Wednesday nights I don’t always have a chance to eat a full meal. However, I always try to eat something to help my body recover.

Before I actually jump into the recipe, I need a moment to make it clear that this keto “crust” will taste like egg. There’s just no getting around it – so if you don’t like the taste of eggs, then you might just want to pass on this.

The first step is to create the crust, which I do by using a mug bread recipe that I found here. IMG_6895I took it out of the mug and let it cool for a little bit (in other words, I get into my PJs) and once it was cooled down, I went ahead and cut it into small rounds. IMG_6896I piled it on a plate, realized that I didn’t have enough pizza sauce, so I covered one of them with alfredo sauce. Piled on cheese and 2 pepperonis on each, popped it back in the micro for about 15 seconds, just to melt the cheese and let it cool before eating most of it… fine, I ate all of it, but I earned it right?IMG_6897 

Let me know if you tried it and what you think about it!



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